snowshoe weekend trip part 1

I don't even know where to start as I sit here drinking tea and watching a tribute to Whitney on NBC. Because my weekend was filled with too much fun, I figured I'd divide my recap into two posts mostly because a) I'm tired and b) the Grammy's are going to be on and you knowwwww I love me some music!

The trip to Snowshoe started just like another trip does with an early wake up time to make the 6 hour drive to the snowy mountain. I was packed and ready to hit the open roads with my iPod and best singing voice of course.

colorful outfit ready to go

Somewhere around Marietta I decided to stop, fill up my tank and run to the restroom and it was about this time where I pulled an "Allison" and totally ate the curb on my way out of the gas station.

How did I manage to do this? I don't know.

How do I do anything I do? I still have no idea and Dad don't answer that!

As I crossed over in WV, my tire pressure gauge light came up and I do believe I said, "mother of god, you have got to be kidding me!," knowing full well what I had done. I drove a few miles realizing that I probably messed up the tire more than I actually wanted to know, pulled over, saw the nice little tear, immediately turned around and looked up the nearest tire center to hopefully make it there before my tire went flat.

proof I can't drive

So, I hung out in the pleasant Glotfelty Tire Center, checked up on my current events, sent a few emails for work and was on my way $129 later to the awaited ski house, where I couldn't wait to get a beer in my hand.

I made it and so did the snow

What was supposed to be a six-hour trip turned into an eight-hour trip so this --------> girl was ready for several beers, a meal and lots of laugh with all the housemates for the weekend who I had yet to  meet.

assigned sleeping arrangements

been dying to see these fools - Gretchen and Amber

I dominated at beer pong, sadly, my teammate Amber did not

boys waiting their turn

reliving our college days with a game of flip cup

cooking with jello shots. always a great idea.
everyone does the skinny elbow....

Somewhere between flip cup and the dance party to my sweet mix of old school hip hop and pop music, I called it a night to prepare the next day which was supposed to involve skiing and snow tubing. Oh, how easily we got distracted.......


Katelin said...

minus the tire issue, looks like a fabulous weekend already. seriously miss those days of vacations with tons of friends, i so need to do that again.

Fizzgig said...

this sounds like so much FUN! get it girl!!!

I curb check all the time...even though I always have to have my tie rods replaced, or the ball bearings. I swear I'm careful. I just don't get it!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Separate from the tire issue, sounds like a fab weekend, way to make an entrance :)