anddddd spring has arrived

After completing my first week at the new job with the shortest commute I will ever have in my entire life, my weekend started with a happy hour with  a group of 100+ new coworkers complete with pizza, beer and beer pong - yes, this all happened at work. Not a bad place to work, right?!?

I had to leave the happy hour early to head over to Emerging Chefs event titled Cupcakes and Corks - wine and cupcakes - who doesn't love this combo?
Cara/Kelly, wine selection and the gallery

my favorite - cheddar  cupcake w/ candied pecans and honey blue cheese frosting by Indulgence Cakes
On Friday, downtown was packed with the MAC tournament but unfortunately my KSU Golden Flashes lost but my new apartment was graced with its first ever baby - BKE made an appearance and loved every minute of it. No worries - her mother was with me at all times but I could totally watch her on my own for a few hours.

CLE Clothing shop stop for St. Patty's Day gear - the baby loved it!
Saturday morning, I was dragged kicking and screaming convinced by my dear friend, Erin, to join her for a 4-hour workout with an old trainer on the eastside who she said "helped her get it in the best shape of her life." Who can argue with that? Plus, it's always better to work out with a friend for motivation. It was a mix of two workouts followed with a nutrition session and helpful tips to reach our individual training goals. As someone who needs to get her ass in gear, it was a much needed reminder that the 1/2 marathon is only two months away and I have a lot of training to do.

Trainer Nicole knows her workouts and nutrition

New bike = serious fun
Later that night, I party hopped to celebrate a friend's new gig out in Vegas at Market - yes, she gets to live among palm trees, desert and the fun of Vegas full time!

Me, Tanika and the Vegas girl herself, Maureen
I ran across the street to join more friends to celebrate a birthday - you know how much I love birthdays - to say goodbye to her 20s and hello fabulous 30 at ABC Tavern.

Happy Birthday, Janet! Rocking the glittery skirt

I've found that the best Sunday fundays are the ones that you don't plan but rather happen on their own and thrown together at the last minute. No real plans always make for the best days.

I joined my friend Suzanne for brunch at Deagan's finally dressed for spring. No heavy jackets or gloves - it was amazing, 60 and sunny. Ahhhhhh, spring has arrived in Cleveland and it was great to see everyone out and about running and walking their dogs.

hellloooooo eggs benedict
After getting invited a text to join friends at the Cavs game, we met up at the Clevelander to have a few drinks and enjoy being outside. Welllllllll we never actually made it to the game - it was toooo nice to be locked inside the Q so we continued to hang outside and enjoy the weather. Who could blame us?
sunshine, friends and blue moon
We ended the day over in Tremont with pizza, ice cream and cider at Edison's because obviously I learned nothing from the nutrition session I had the day before with trainer Nicole. Look - I can't say no to a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and pizza from Edison's. It's like saying no to girl scout cookies - it just doesn't happen for this girl because I love desserts.
Clearly, I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist

So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be planning healthy meals all week and preparing for St. Patty's day with a group of family and friends. Want to bet how long we last on Saturday?


Fizzgig said...

we had beautiful weather indeed! nothing like a blue moon on a sunny day!!

MoninaW said...

Downtown Friday night, Lakewood for brunch. How do I not run into you? Miss seeing your sparkle!

janguyen said...

LOVE! Thanks for stopping by Saturday night! It was so much fun!

Katelin said...

cupcakes and corks sounds like the greatest thing ever. seriously love it. and love the pics, looks like a fabulous weekend.