reenergized and reloaded



I loved the past week off. You have no idea.

Oh, how I enjoyed not waking up to my iPhone alarm, checking email every 5 minutes or hearing the beeping of my calendar to run to the next meeting.

Thursday night I joined friends at the House of Blues for the Eddie Money concert. While I know I don't "scream" an Eddie Money fan, I, along with most people my age, love me some 80s music. I heart the 80s. Seriously, I do. Remember the 80s themed bachelorette party? Cyndi Lauper, The Outfield, Debbie Gibson - you name it.

Who knew $35 would be so worth it....

My friends and I sang our hearts out with a bunch of 25 year olds guys who we met while we formed our own little dance party in the middle of the crowd with quite the eclectic group of general Eddie Money fans.
I was the only one who wore leather for the 80s.
On rainy Friday, Cleshopaholic and I met up after my psychic reading (more to come on that later) where we lunched and shopped the day away, literally, for almost five hours and finished it out with a much needed pedicure. She's like this magic little shopping fairy because I scored major deals on workout clothes from the Gap, then picked up a spring fisherman-esque mossy brown/greenish spring jacket at J. Crew and two semi-sheer tunics in blush and navy from H&M that she insisted I buy in both colors. (Never argue with that girl, just nod and do as you are told. You won't regret it!)

Sales, sales and more sales!
Friday night some blog friends turned real life friends and I joined Allison to wish her a happy 30th birthday at Battery Park Wine Bar. Her dad put together quite the awesome slideshow of Allison through the years complete with She-Ra outfits so I couldn't help but snap a few photos of her grade school years.....
Look how adorable she is!

Allison rocking the sparkle dress for her 30th

To finish out my second to last day of vacation, I started out with a belated birthday brunch with my aunt and an hour and a half massage from Jeanette at Oaks Botanical Spa. My god, does this woman know her massages. With my upcoming half marathon, I'm making it a focus to stay with monthly massages to help take care of my body as I try to be a "runner" again for the second time. Fellow seriously athletic runner, Heather, recommended Jeanette and she wasn't playing around - she is phenomenal at her craft.

A group of girlfriends plus two amazing guys (one boyfriend, one husband) celebrated the first Saturday in March with dinner and drinks at Luxe, then continued the night to w. 25th bars where our mission was to find my friend Katie a date by locating guys and sending a different one of us after each of them. It kept the night interesting to say the least.

three blondes, two brunettes and two awesome guys (not pictured)
outfit approved by Cleshopaholic - faux fur, sheer shirt, leather leggings, black croc booties
On Sunday, I slowed the weekend down with brunch with my brother then visiting my little cousin who I hadn't met yet and was born about a month ago. I know, I'm a terrible cousin!

baby ethan with my brother -  he's single ladies......
Over the past week, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time off from the 9 to 5 and feel completely invigorated by having just a few days of down time. It's amazing what a difference it can make when you put yourself first and focus on the little things that make you happy whether that's scheduling that facial you've been wanting, reconnecting with that friend you haven't talked to in quite awhile or checking a few of those books off your reading list. I've checked a ton of little places and things off my list over the past week and added even more places to go. ahem....summer European adventure.....

And it's back to reality I go.


LWLH said...

That sounds like awesomeness...I never get that much done when I have 4 days off. :)

Heather said...

This all sounds amazing.

Kelly said...

Fisherman-esq eh?? ;)

Barbara said...

Mmmmm.....European vacation will be the best

Fizzgig said...

are you doing the cleveland half?

there is nothing like time off work, the best part is no alarms, it doesnt matter what its for, alarms always put a bad start to the day, ugh!! looks like you had a blast!!

Katelin said...

sounds like the best kind of catch up week. and seriously love that outfit with the faux fur, so stylish.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Glad you had a good week off! Um, you need to be my stylist FYI

Green Dog Wine said...

What a good freedom week! ;)

Also - 5th grade Allison needs a talking to about her bangs and VEST - just going to put that out there... :P

I had a blast with you on Friady!! Thank you for everything!!!