st. patrick's day past

This is incredibly sad, pathetic yet true that I haven't fully celebrated a St. Patrick's Day since college. Spring of '06 to be exact.

throwback photo from what I think was st. patrick's day with the beads
Seriously this is true.

Did I have green beer in the years between? Oh, of course!

Did I wear my best green to work? You better believe it.

Did I go out and get blitzed like I did in college wearing too many beads and shamrocks? Hell no.

I've never even attended the actual parade because I never took off work for it, didn't work downtown so we would rule against it because we'd have to fight traffic, so we'd just stay on the east side and have our own little party.

Not this year though! Everyone, literally 300,000 supposedly, will be downtown to drink beer in in the early hours, here for the parade and stay long after the parade ends to drink even more beer and take a few irish car bombs.

I will do my best to pace myself to last all day long. - Let's make this a St. Patrick's Day to remember before we black out


Heather said...

Hehe. Do it up right - and have fun!!

LWLH said...

Have fun girl!!!!

Bite Buff said...

Hope to see you out and about!

Katelin said...

this is the first year in a while that i have actual plans for st. patty's day, it's so weird but i'm quite excited.