girl crush

There are some celebrities that I feel like I'd be friends with. We'd hit off. Text and tweet each other like old friends. She or he could hang with all my friends, throw back mimosas on a Sunday brunch and it wouldn't even be weird or odd. Quite normal actually.

An example of this is the one and only Bethenny Frankel.

I simply heart her.

I fell in girl crush land with her when I first saw on Real Housewives of New York and thought, "Wait, I remember her from Martha Stewart's short lived apprentice!"  She is hilarious, funny, witty, sometimes dramatic, self-deprecating, intelligent, brutally honest in a way I can appreciate and made herself into the "it" girl's girl.

For instance, if I saw her on the street, I would say hello, give a wave because I feel like she'd wave back and let her know how much I appreciate her monthly Glamour columns among other things she has on her world domination list.

make that money, honey!
She makes smart, intellectual, entrepreneurial women cool again because there are too many women are who famous for absolutely nothing and want to run for the mayor Glendale.... Really, Kim? Really? Enough already!

Why do I bring up my girl crush?

Only because my NYC office, where I've been all week and will be spending quite some time, is on the exact same street as her new fabulous apartment she's been tweeting about and building on her show.  (Maybe I walked down the street to find said building and maybe I didn't or did see her driver outside. Just maybe.)

if you look down hudson far enough, you can see it!
Chances are I'll probably run into my girl crush bumming around the TriBeCa neighborhood one of these days and will kindly say hello, thank her for her honesty and spit-the-water-out-of-your-mouth one liners and maybe even throw back a few SkinnyGirl margaritas with her, which by the way, can get you rather tipsy quickly.

 Do you have a celebrity girl crush? Do share.


Charlene said...

She's my favorite too. I'd like to be best friends with her.

Kimberly said...

I have two. Bethenny & Jenna Lyons. Swoooooon.

Bite Buff said...

Obsessed with her!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm ALL over this one, you know i'm obsessed - she's awesome.

cleshopaholic said...

Stella McCartney, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Mindy Kaling. Mindy and I should be BFFs for sure!

Alana said...

i adore her, too!

kimi said...

Zooey Deschanel and Lauren Conrad

Fizzgig said...

I love bethany and her skinny girl cocktails!! how exciting to be in such a close proximity! you should totally stalk her!

Madonna. I have loved her since the beginning of time!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I never want to admit this to anyone because people LOVE HER, but I have never been a big Bethenney fan. Still wuld be exciting to bump into her in the city, though. You should prooooobably tweet this post at her letting her know. ;)

Nidhizzle said...

Serena van der Woodsen. I know she's not real but can I have her wardrobe please??

LWLH said...

I love Bethanny too. She seems like she would be down to Earth and easy to talk to even though she is a celeb.

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