Nashville kind of weekend

Meet my friend Laura.
hello sophomore selves!
We met the summer of freshmen year on the volleyball court during practice right before tryouts. She was tall, blond and brand new to our school. Even though her version of the story was that I was 'mean' when we first met (she was quiet and I was not), we quickly became best friends, glued at the hip with weekly sleepovers and family vacations.

taking on the ocean in the Outerbanks
She chose a full ride to play volleyball in Tennessee and I stayed in Ohio and went to Kent State. I have only been to Tennessee two other times - once to drop her off with her family and then for her wedding a few years back.

Amber, me, Danielle and Laura five years ago

With the impending arrival of her first baby, I found myself on a plane to visit her this past weekend to attend a baby shower in honor of little baby Tyler who will be arriving in two months.
parents to be - Greg and Laura
Her sister-in-law and close friend hosted a beautiful shower on Saturday for a group of her close girlfriends.
salted caramel cupcakes with sea salt. to die for.
most delicious punch

Hostesses Laura and Whitney

looking great for only 9 weeks left
Then I was given a tour of the town, Cookveille, from my wonderful hosts. Did I enjoy myself? Hell yes I did - I ate BBQ, drank sweet tea, rocked a skirt with my pale legs and soaked up some sun and am even coming back with slightly burnt shoulders.

authentic BBQ people with hush puppies
our reading material and my pale ass legs

Now, it's time I get myself on track and prepare for the 1/2 marathon that's coming in less than a month!

Am I ready? Sort of.

Will I be? You better believe it.

the one where we support, have a dance party and get a little Jersey

What a long week. Yes, a long, busy and successful week between cities.

After spending the entire week at the NYC office and loving the 75 sunny weather, I was back on Friday to attend an event I'd been looking forward to for awhile - Makeup, Martinis and Manicures to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - and couldn't wait to hang out, sip martinis and catch up with my girl friends.

Friends, martinis; makeup artists

with my bff; manicurists with a hella long line

post dinner at Greenhouse with Shawn, Erin and Lauren

ran into Kara and Dan at Market Garden post dinner
Saturday evening I  headed to the lovely Alana and Dean's place for what was a "bonfire in Bay Village" party, which quickly turned into a college dance party in the living room complete with table dancing, sing alongs to Bieber, Rihanna and dollar bills were thrown around at some point because why wouldn't they be?!?

Oh, and yes the table dancing was happening on Alana's probably very expensive coffee table while the boys had their own Grateful Dead listening party in the garage as we danced around singing at the top of our lungs.

Hostess Alana with Kimi; Host Dean with his calamari and shrimp fryer set up

friends pre dance party and bonfire

voted the most appropriate shoes for the bonfire

Alexa chopping wood like a pro
Glowing yellow pants - axe not included

Then on Sunday, a group of obsessed New Jersey housewives fans gathered in my apartment to tweet the hell out of the show, laughing all while eating themed appetizers and a champagne concoction.

For the record, I have never EVER seen all of us so incredibly quiet other than during this show - it was actually remarkable. The last time I hosted a premiere party for Gossip Girl, no one actually watched the show but in this case, we didn't miss a second of the Jersey drama.

Sidenote: If you are on Twitter and want to laugh until your stomach hurts, please do yourself a favor and follow @thefauxmilaniag for the best tweets from the show. Hands freaking down.

Appetizer cards in honor of the New Jersey Housewives

preparing a cham-prostitution whore

Andddddddddd, that brings the weekend to a very entertaining close. I'd say we all had a bit of fun, as always.

girl crush

There are some celebrities that I feel like I'd be friends with. We'd hit off. Text and tweet each other like old friends. She or he could hang with all my friends, throw back mimosas on a Sunday brunch and it wouldn't even be weird or odd. Quite normal actually.

An example of this is the one and only Bethenny Frankel.

I simply heart her.

I fell in girl crush land with her when I first saw on Real Housewives of New York and thought, "Wait, I remember her from Martha Stewart's short lived apprentice!"  She is hilarious, funny, witty, sometimes dramatic, self-deprecating, intelligent, brutally honest in a way I can appreciate and made herself into the "it" girl's girl.

For instance, if I saw her on the street, I would say hello, give a wave because I feel like she'd wave back and let her know how much I appreciate her monthly Glamour columns among other things she has on her world domination list.

make that money, honey!
She makes smart, intellectual, entrepreneurial women cool again because there are too many women are who famous for absolutely nothing and want to run for the mayor Glendale.... Really, Kim? Really? Enough already!

Why do I bring up my girl crush?

Only because my NYC office, where I've been all week and will be spending quite some time, is on the exact same street as her new fabulous apartment she's been tweeting about and building on her show.  (Maybe I walked down the street to find said building and maybe I didn't or did see her driver outside. Just maybe.)

if you look down hudson far enough, you can see it!
Chances are I'll probably run into my girl crush bumming around the TriBeCa neighborhood one of these days and will kindly say hello, thank her for her honesty and spit-the-water-out-of-your-mouth one liners and maybe even throw back a few SkinnyGirl margaritas with her, which by the way, can get you rather tipsy quickly.

 Do you have a celebrity girl crush? Do share.

nothing beats an 80 degree Sunday...

So, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction week is over... and I didn't see a single celebrity! Not Bette Midler or Green Day or the Beastie Boys but it was bumping downtown with the hustle of all the people, even when it was rainy and cold most of the weekend.

On Friday, a friend passed us a few tickets to Scene Magazine's Best of Cleveland party at Shooter's where we hung out, people watched and had a very serious conversation about the last time each of us was actually at Shooters. You see, Shooters is that place where you go in your early 20s when you are home from college or shortly after graduation in the summer to dance and drink like there's no tomorrow and you may occasionally find yourself there later on in life, but don't actually want to admit it. If you watch the Jersey Shore, it's probably our version of Karma if you will. Oh....the memories on the deck...

The first few people we asked started off with....."well, this is sort of embarrassing but it was last year...." I swear this whole deck area was bigger or apparently I thought it was. I swear.

magical nights out here

find us on a magazine stand near you.....

We were tempted to enter the emerald city of boobs, but decided against the strip club.

On Saturday, I was the last one again (and live the closest mind you) to make it to our coed football game and I had one good play where I blocked the girl from catching it! YESSSSS! I also managed to wear the EXACT same blue as the opposing team. My team is the Pink Ladies and I don't own anything pink, so I decided to wear a blue jacket and it just so happened to be the same exact color as the opposing team. Hilarious and only me.

Saturday afternoon treats

me and lindsay, you know, posing

Sunday brought an amazing 80 degree sunny and windy day to Cleveland, which reminded me that I need to get a spray tan as I looked at my pale legs in the sunlight as I got dressed for my cousin's christening. Almost translucent legs, if you will.

Oh yeah..... here's the proof

baby ethan with his great aunt
After a fun few hours with my family, I hey tell'd a few friends to meet at Tremont Taphouse to enjoy the patio, a few beers, dinner and hilarious conversation around dating to finish out a Sunday Funday, where we continued to plan out our future Sundays and hop around the different patios.

feed me.

P.S. How is it mid-April already!

the one where I get new eyes

You know when you talk and talk and talk about doing something?

You don't actually do it, but you keep talking about it and putting it off. LASIK was that for me. It was something I had been talking about for a few years after my eye doctor told me I'd be a great candidate for the procedure, especially since I had developed a slight astigmatism and allergies to contact solution.

Sometime in December, I told myself, "Self, you are getting LASIK in a few months. No buts about it."

And, sure enough, I did.

I asked around for which doctor to go with and a few new coworkers had their procedure done at Clear Choice in Brecksville so I scheduled a consult immediately and had to wear glasses for three days. Yes, it was a long three days but I made it through and was approved to move forward to the next stage where I rocked my glasses for two solid weeks. I tweeted, facebooked, instagramed and complained to my coworkers all about it and even started a daily picture countdown.

get me outta these glasses!
Everyone kept asking if I was nervous or scared but I really wasn't because I understood the surgery and the lasering and actually find it completely interesting in a nerdy way. (P.S. Don't ask the doctor for x-ray vision, while your friends may think it is funny, your doctor will not and look at you strangely.)

bring on the laser beams!

The surgery itself takes about 15 minutes - the rest of the hour I was there was spent in a massage chair after taking two benadryl and one Valium before they called my name. It is literally that short - the first machine lasers the eye flap so your vision goes dark for a few seconds on each eye, but it's not long enough to freak out. Trust me. Then you move to the next machine where the doctor's assistant says some coordinates out loud, you look at a red light with green lights surrounding it and smell something burning when as each eye is completed. They pop you in a chair to examine you and you can see some things clear but then it's cloudy in others - it's all very weird after used to seeing everything blurry. (P.S. You experience no pain because you receive numbing drops.)

all done and drugged up
After sleeping 12 hours, yes that long, I woke up and could see clearly and all you people with bad vision know what I'm talking about. To avoid touching your eyes, you must sleep in some sexy eyewear but upon waking up I could see the doorway - not just the outline of the sunlight coming in BUT THE ACTUAL DOOR HANDLE. Miraculous I tell you.

sexiest eye shields ever

Things I'm looking forward to with my new eyes:
  • Shaving my legs and not missing spots in the morning when my contacts weren't in
  • Not packing contact solution when I travel
  • Not worrying about ripping contacts or wearing them too long where they start to itch
  • Not running into my counter tops because I misjudge the distance
If you are considering the surgery, I highly recommend it - it really is that absolutely life changing as you will hear from friends and family and I can't rave enough about the treatment at Clear Choice, It was all a very well-organized process from start to finish - plus they text and email prompt reminders, which in my crazy world, is an absolute necessity and greatly appreciated.

One week post surgery, I have clear vision with a little dryness and halos at night, which I had halos before so that's nothing new to me and will hopefully go away in a month or even less.

You know what new eyes mean? This girl <----------- needs a new pair of sunglasses and some M.A.C make up.

not even a little lasering can slow me down

Not even a little eye surgery was going to keep me from my pre-planned week full of activities like the home opener, a GirlTalk dance party and a holiday - more on new eye balls later though.

After a good 12-hour sleep post LASIK with the help of drugs, I was up and ready for the Indians home opener to hit the patios and drink with coworkers and friends for the entire day.  (Yes, even with a little eye surgery, I was making it all day long.) I had plans,  people, and these new eyes were going with me - eye drops and sunglasses were required - and I wore them inside. FYI - my eyes were light sensitive so no, I did not think I was Paris Hilton as someone hilariously pointed out, I was just trying to have a good time without squinting in pain.

patio drinking at Hodge's - little secret slice of heaven away from the crowds
where we ended up post game
as meyers said, "instagram worthy!"

Pete rocking the best shirt and we bring our own liquor, duh
On Saturday, I took my skills to the Tremont area to play some touch football. Let's be real here - I just round around on the field and maybe once or twice catch a pass that may or may not be basically handed to me. Hey - I was a volleyball player, football isn't my sport.

Yep, that's my team in the hot pink!
If you have somehow been living under a rock, you wouldn't know that the Rock Hall Induction Week festivities have officially kicked off and with the quick purchasing power of Alexa, we grabbed tickets for the sold out show - GirlTalk - which I've always heard people rave about.

I heavily debated on what to wear to this show because it was a toss up - neon 80s gear with handbands or add glowsticks as accessories - options, options, I tell you. I opted for a little neon with a hot coral tank and leopard heels to dance and sweat away 5 lbs away to his mindblowing musical mashups of awesomeness. (Sidenote: He played 15 seconds of Bad Romance and I was in love!)
pre-drinks at La Strada; 4 takes and finally got a photo!

the beer line was long and, in general, not well orchestrated

Girltalk, shirtless
balloon and confetti par-tay!
To finish out the a 3-day weekend, my family and I celebrated Easter, which is my least favorite all of the holidays because the food just isn't all that fantastic in my opinion - ham? pies? really? Thanksgiving is my favorite! Anywho, my very animated family went to Flying Fig to sip on mimosas, devour biscuits and gravy, omelets, more beers, scones and desserts - apple tart anyone?


family time - always memorable
with two amazing ladies, my aunt and mom

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as my friends, family and I did, now back to your regularly scheduled program of the weekly work grind.

at the moment

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Somehow it is April.

I don't know how that happened.

It's officially spring and with the temperatures (hopefully) continuing to warm up, so will all my fashion and outdoor activities with family and friends.

The real excitement kicked in a week or so ago between many hey tells with Sean about building a throwback summer list - songs from past summers, mostly between 1997 and the mid 2000s, you know when pop music was at an all time high with TRL daily countdowns. (Oh, how I used to want to be a MTV VJ.) I'm pretty confident we sent no less than 6 hey tells a piece of old pop or rap songs to each other, each time laughing harder and harder, where we determined we will both come up with a list and compare.

With those past summer hits in mind, here are the things I can't wait to partake in:

patio drinking like we did on St. Patrick's day

flippy floppies

beachin' it on lake erie or a ocean beach trip

more Indians games with these lovely ladies

What are your favorite warm weather songs of the past?

P.S. Congrats to Katy Morris for winning the Gap jean coupon from my jean giveaway.