Nashville kind of weekend

Meet my friend Laura.
hello sophomore selves!
We met the summer of freshmen year on the volleyball court during practice right before tryouts. She was tall, blond and brand new to our school. Even though her version of the story was that I was 'mean' when we first met (she was quiet and I was not), we quickly became best friends, glued at the hip with weekly sleepovers and family vacations.

taking on the ocean in the Outerbanks
She chose a full ride to play volleyball in Tennessee and I stayed in Ohio and went to Kent State. I have only been to Tennessee two other times - once to drop her off with her family and then for her wedding a few years back.

Amber, me, Danielle and Laura five years ago

With the impending arrival of her first baby, I found myself on a plane to visit her this past weekend to attend a baby shower in honor of little baby Tyler who will be arriving in two months.
parents to be - Greg and Laura
Her sister-in-law and close friend hosted a beautiful shower on Saturday for a group of her close girlfriends.
salted caramel cupcakes with sea salt. to die for.
most delicious punch

Hostesses Laura and Whitney

looking great for only 9 weeks left
Then I was given a tour of the town, Cookveille, from my wonderful hosts. Did I enjoy myself? Hell yes I did - I ate BBQ, drank sweet tea, rocked a skirt with my pale legs and soaked up some sun and am even coming back with slightly burnt shoulders.

authentic BBQ people with hush puppies
our reading material and my pale ass legs

Now, it's time I get myself on track and prepare for the 1/2 marathon that's coming in less than a month!

Am I ready? Sort of.

Will I be? You better believe it.


LWLH said...

It's great to have such long time friends like that.

The Modern Gal said...

Tennessee as in the University of Tennessee? That's where I went to school. Also, you were an hour and a half down the road from me while you were in Cookeville!

Portlandier said...

*sigh* the south is wonderful isn't it! Good food, good people.

Katelin said...

aw looks like so much fun, love the duckies swimming in the punch, so funny.

Fizzgig said...

hush puppies. i think i could live in a bed of hush puppies, and pizza. Ugh! sounds like a great friendship!!

are you doing the cleveland half? I am! Maybe I'll see you along the way! I have been training, and still do not think I'm ready. If I finish under 2 hrs I'll be proud!! Good luck!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Looks like fun! I'm so pale, it's scary.

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