not even a little lasering can slow me down

Not even a little eye surgery was going to keep me from my pre-planned week full of activities like the home opener, a GirlTalk dance party and a holiday - more on new eye balls later though.

After a good 12-hour sleep post LASIK with the help of drugs, I was up and ready for the Indians home opener to hit the patios and drink with coworkers and friends for the entire day.  (Yes, even with a little eye surgery, I was making it all day long.) I had plans,  people, and these new eyes were going with me - eye drops and sunglasses were required - and I wore them inside. FYI - my eyes were light sensitive so no, I did not think I was Paris Hilton as someone hilariously pointed out, I was just trying to have a good time without squinting in pain.

patio drinking at Hodge's - little secret slice of heaven away from the crowds
where we ended up post game
as meyers said, "instagram worthy!"

Pete rocking the best shirt and we bring our own liquor, duh
On Saturday, I took my skills to the Tremont area to play some touch football. Let's be real here - I just round around on the field and maybe once or twice catch a pass that may or may not be basically handed to me. Hey - I was a volleyball player, football isn't my sport.

Yep, that's my team in the hot pink!
If you have somehow been living under a rock, you wouldn't know that the Rock Hall Induction Week festivities have officially kicked off and with the quick purchasing power of Alexa, we grabbed tickets for the sold out show - GirlTalk - which I've always heard people rave about.

I heavily debated on what to wear to this show because it was a toss up - neon 80s gear with handbands or add glowsticks as accessories - options, options, I tell you. I opted for a little neon with a hot coral tank and leopard heels to dance and sweat away 5 lbs away to his mindblowing musical mashups of awesomeness. (Sidenote: He played 15 seconds of Bad Romance and I was in love!)
pre-drinks at La Strada; 4 takes and finally got a photo!

the beer line was long and, in general, not well orchestrated

Girltalk, shirtless
balloon and confetti par-tay!
To finish out the a 3-day weekend, my family and I celebrated Easter, which is my least favorite all of the holidays because the food just isn't all that fantastic in my opinion - ham? pies? really? Thanksgiving is my favorite! Anywho, my very animated family went to Flying Fig to sip on mimosas, devour biscuits and gravy, omelets, more beers, scones and desserts - apple tart anyone?


family time - always memorable
with two amazing ladies, my aunt and mom

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as my friends, family and I did, now back to your regularly scheduled program of the weekly work grind.


LWLH said...

Sound like a awesome weekend especially that concert.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Glad the new eyeballs didn't keep you home! Fun weekend!

Katelin said...

looks like the best weekend and that girltalk concert just looks amazing.

also, silly question. what are you using for photo collaging? i can't find anything i really like yet, ha.

Fizzgig said...

you had a blast, who doesn't love confetti? awesome!!

Christina K said...

You are too funny! Please greet me every day like you did this morning from your new eyes excitement.

lzone said...

I'm so pissed my engagement shot with your brother did not make this post. ;)