nothing beats an 80 degree Sunday...

So, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction week is over... and I didn't see a single celebrity! Not Bette Midler or Green Day or the Beastie Boys but it was bumping downtown with the hustle of all the people, even when it was rainy and cold most of the weekend.

On Friday, a friend passed us a few tickets to Scene Magazine's Best of Cleveland party at Shooter's where we hung out, people watched and had a very serious conversation about the last time each of us was actually at Shooters. You see, Shooters is that place where you go in your early 20s when you are home from college or shortly after graduation in the summer to dance and drink like there's no tomorrow and you may occasionally find yourself there later on in life, but don't actually want to admit it. If you watch the Jersey Shore, it's probably our version of Karma if you will. Oh....the memories on the deck...

The first few people we asked started off with....."well, this is sort of embarrassing but it was last year...." I swear this whole deck area was bigger or apparently I thought it was. I swear.

magical nights out here

find us on a magazine stand near you.....

We were tempted to enter the emerald city of boobs, but decided against the strip club.

On Saturday, I was the last one again (and live the closest mind you) to make it to our coed football game and I had one good play where I blocked the girl from catching it! YESSSSS! I also managed to wear the EXACT same blue as the opposing team. My team is the Pink Ladies and I don't own anything pink, so I decided to wear a blue jacket and it just so happened to be the same exact color as the opposing team. Hilarious and only me.

Saturday afternoon treats

me and lindsay, you know, posing

Sunday brought an amazing 80 degree sunny and windy day to Cleveland, which reminded me that I need to get a spray tan as I looked at my pale legs in the sunlight as I got dressed for my cousin's christening. Almost translucent legs, if you will.

Oh yeah..... here's the proof

baby ethan with his great aunt
After a fun few hours with my family, I hey tell'd a few friends to meet at Tremont Taphouse to enjoy the patio, a few beers, dinner and hilarious conversation around dating to finish out a Sunday Funday, where we continued to plan out our future Sundays and hop around the different patios.

feed me.

P.S. How is it mid-April already!


Katelin said...

sounds like the best kind of weekend.

Fizzgig said...

we did have amazing weather this weekend! and football? you rock!