the one where I get new eyes

You know when you talk and talk and talk about doing something?

You don't actually do it, but you keep talking about it and putting it off. LASIK was that for me. It was something I had been talking about for a few years after my eye doctor told me I'd be a great candidate for the procedure, especially since I had developed a slight astigmatism and allergies to contact solution.

Sometime in December, I told myself, "Self, you are getting LASIK in a few months. No buts about it."

And, sure enough, I did.

I asked around for which doctor to go with and a few new coworkers had their procedure done at Clear Choice in Brecksville so I scheduled a consult immediately and had to wear glasses for three days. Yes, it was a long three days but I made it through and was approved to move forward to the next stage where I rocked my glasses for two solid weeks. I tweeted, facebooked, instagramed and complained to my coworkers all about it and even started a daily picture countdown.

get me outta these glasses!
Everyone kept asking if I was nervous or scared but I really wasn't because I understood the surgery and the lasering and actually find it completely interesting in a nerdy way. (P.S. Don't ask the doctor for x-ray vision, while your friends may think it is funny, your doctor will not and look at you strangely.)

bring on the laser beams!

The surgery itself takes about 15 minutes - the rest of the hour I was there was spent in a massage chair after taking two benadryl and one Valium before they called my name. It is literally that short - the first machine lasers the eye flap so your vision goes dark for a few seconds on each eye, but it's not long enough to freak out. Trust me. Then you move to the next machine where the doctor's assistant says some coordinates out loud, you look at a red light with green lights surrounding it and smell something burning when as each eye is completed. They pop you in a chair to examine you and you can see some things clear but then it's cloudy in others - it's all very weird after used to seeing everything blurry. (P.S. You experience no pain because you receive numbing drops.)

all done and drugged up
After sleeping 12 hours, yes that long, I woke up and could see clearly and all you people with bad vision know what I'm talking about. To avoid touching your eyes, you must sleep in some sexy eyewear but upon waking up I could see the doorway - not just the outline of the sunlight coming in BUT THE ACTUAL DOOR HANDLE. Miraculous I tell you.

sexiest eye shields ever

Things I'm looking forward to with my new eyes:
  • Shaving my legs and not missing spots in the morning when my contacts weren't in
  • Not packing contact solution when I travel
  • Not worrying about ripping contacts or wearing them too long where they start to itch
  • Not running into my counter tops because I misjudge the distance
If you are considering the surgery, I highly recommend it - it really is that absolutely life changing as you will hear from friends and family and I can't rave enough about the treatment at Clear Choice, It was all a very well-organized process from start to finish - plus they text and email prompt reminders, which in my crazy world, is an absolute necessity and greatly appreciated.

One week post surgery, I have clear vision with a little dryness and halos at night, which I had halos before so that's nothing new to me and will hopefully go away in a month or even less.

You know what new eyes mean? This girl <----------- needs a new pair of sunglasses and some M.A.C make up.


Heather said...

Isn't it amazing how you just wake up and can see?
Glad it all went well for you!

OHmommy said...

It's been on my "to do" list for years. Can't imagine waking up and actually SEEING. So cool you got it done.

cleshopaholicc said...

My LASIK twin!! I don't have halos, but I do have some dryness, but I was told that should go away relatively soon. No more sexy night-time eyewear for me since this past Sunday!

Best decision I ever made!

SRep said...

loved this post. I have been contemplating the procedure and actually received a card to set up a consultation but didnt know all of the details. This was so informative. Congratulations on the success--- you should definitely treat yourself to some tb sunglasses and why not throw in a pair of her thora sandals as well : )

Rachel said...

Lady you are so so lucky. I'm not a good candidate for lasik. And it totally bums me out that I'll be blind for the rest of my life :(

Katie Swanberg said...

Ab fab! So happy it worked out for you.

Fizzgig said...

this is so amazing!! congrats on your new eyes!! i long to one day do this too but im still hung up on basic dental procedures. (chicken shit)

Heather C said...

Thank you for this blog! I actually just scheduled my consultation at the same place for a little less than two weeks away... which LASIK did you end up getting? I'm just trying to get as much info as possible before I go into this! Thanks!

Allison M. said...

Heather C - Six months later and I'm still loving it! I believe I had the custom one based on my vision, pupil size and astigmatism.

jones elizabeth said...

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