16 years of memories and counting


volleyball 2000
You love them, laugh with them, want to strangle them for being bitchy or moody, yell it out and then love them again and forget you wanted to strangle them.

new years eve 2000
I have a group of girls I've known since I was roughly 13. That's 16 years of memories starting in junior high through high school, proms, first highs and hangovers, sport championships, the careless summer before college, trips between colleges that carried into the early morning hours with little sleep, bachelorette parties across the east coast, showers and weddings from Cleveland to Vegas.

halloween 1999 - my genius idea with flippers
There have been sleepovers, underage arrests, first time boyfriends, trips abroad, summers in our hometown, cancer, funerals, walking on fire, roommates and trips like this weekend that we make time for in our busy lives because they are incredibly important.

We commit to a weekend a year (or maybe even more) to gather back together to make new memories and inside jokes only we know to text, Hey Tell or Facebook with each other simply because we can.

OU visit 2004

Thanksgiving 2006
Vegas 2010

We fall back together like we haven't been apart, reminisce, drink too many martinis and take too many shots, laugh so hysterically that we snort, rock shoes that hurt our feet but look down right killer with our outfits and throw any organized day schedule out the window to see where the day then the night takes us.

DC trip 2010
DC trip 2011

I couldn't imagine spending this particular weekend with a group of more supportive, loyal, hilarious, passionate, smart even sometimes dramatic and high maintenance chicas.

I don't know what it's like to have a sister, but I do know what's it's like to have friends who act like sisters and are there along every smooth, bumpy and straight up knock-you-on-your-ass step of the way. You need them to help pull you up, smooth out the kinks, fix your hair and march forward like you didn't skip a beat.

Love you girls! xoxo


tabitha said...

i absolutely loved this. have a blast this weekend :)

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Love old friends who are still as much fun as always!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

awwwwww, this was so sweet allison!

i have friends just like this, as you know, so i can agree with you 100% on all of this.

except i do know what it's like to have a sister - she's artsy, so there's that. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

You almost made me cry. Can't wait!!

LWLH said...

Have a great weekend girl!! :)

Katelin said...

have such a great time! it's so great to stay in touch with fabulous friends. xo

Fizzgig said...

there is nothing like "old friends" i feel sorry for people who don't share memories with their girlfriends from all stages of their lives, no on knows you quite as well!!

have so much fun!!

Alana said...

have fun!! i'm going on a {surprise for one} trip this weekend with my girlfriends, too.