50 shades of I'm addicted

So it's true. I have finished the first book in the trilogy of sexual novels for housewives as everyone has been calling it, even though it's about a couple in their 20s. A very attractive couple in their 20s mind you.
I've also shared my opinion of the book with several friends who picked it up and have finished the whole damn trilogy already while I still need to start book two.

Well, since Alexa is sunning herself away way down in Florida, check out my first opinion of the book over on her blog today where she kindly asked me to contribute whatever I wanted to her blog. And, I chose this book as it is top of mind for everyone at this point.

I'll be starting the second one this weekend.

second book in hand

After, of course, I kick the half marathon's ass this Sunday morning - bright and early - with a few friends coming into town where we will eat and drink our way through some of favorite joints post race. We are planning an all day Sunday Funday with a possible Indians game, maybe lunch in Ohio City, maybe a trip to the beach and possibly some guac at Momocho.

Considering we would have burned 1,300 some odd calories - I think I can have a burger, don't you agree?


Alana said...

agreed! i'm also planning on a sunday funday! good luck!

beautyfoodie said...

Good luck girls! I'll be eating / drinking / Sunday Fundaying albeit running. Also, I might have stayed up until 2am reading 50 shades....

tabitha said...

loved this post and the one on alexa's page. i finished the 50 shades trilogy last weekend. such fun reads! good luck sunday!

Fizzgig said...

firstly, awesome that you are reading this book. I am on hiatus, as I am single, and I think this will bring up bad booty call habits for me!!

Second, good luck sunday! I'm happy that you plan to have fun after your half, I plan on going home and being comotose for two days, I took Monday off work!

LWLH said...

I'm still working through the first one.