equal shoe opportunist

Monday, May 14, 2012
Because I just had an amazing three days with a great group of girls, I'm too tired to recap at this very moment but holy sh*t did I have a blast.
And, that's an understatement.

But first, in case you missed it, check out Cleshopaholic and me sharing our love of shoes, shopping and online sites like Rue La La and Gilt.


Christina K said...

a) I was laughing hysterically whenever they cut to the mental health expert...what's missing from your life, Allison, that you're substituting for shoes? SERIOUSLY?

b) I really wish they would have showed a clip of Carrie on Sex in the City saying how she realized she spent like $40k on shoes, which is why she couldn't

katelyn said...

you go, glenn coco!

Katelin said...

i feel like endless/zappos should just sponsor your life already? right?

excellent piece, you seriously crack me up.