spring and summer closet cleaning

When I moved into this apartment back in October (my does time fly), I made a conscious effort to clean house, literally, and donate all the clothes I haven't worn in two seasons.

How many black t-shirts did I need? Or why the hell did I still have that turquoise silk shirt? Or, my god, I really need to stop buying something because it's a good deal because I had a handful of clothes with tags on them that were never worn. What a waste!

A friend called me over on a lazy Saturday last month to help declutter her closet and help her refine her style. We all get stuck in style ruts, me included, but I've been more thoughtful about my clothing purchases and my style as of late. A little more put together if you will.

So, where did I start?

Huge donation pile
My friend Nic and I dug headfirst into her amazing walk-in closet to comb through a forest of long-sleeved Gap, Old Navy and Banana shirts, jeans from six seasons ago and enough bright colored tshirts to dress an entire sorority. We took several cheese and wine breaks because this closet was a hell lot of work. Anyway, I think I'm pretty good at helping people fine their inner fashionista, while I can't sew to save my life, style... style I can do.

cowboy hat helped me make assess the situation
My friend admitted she was stuck, didn't know where to start and enlisted our help to redefine her style - now or never.

Nic showing his opinion of prints
Rule #1 - Assess your closet of things you haven't worn in two seasons. I cut all of that out because if I haven't worn in two fall seasons, what makes me think I'm going to wear it now?

Rule #2 - Organize your closet by clothing types - this works well for me versus colors because it helps me visualize an outfit. For instance, a fitted t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans or a a bright purple dress with those stilettos, etc.

Rule #3 - Make a list of the staples for each season. What was on my list? A new trench, spring jacket, a white blazer, casual khakis in bright colors and espadrilles.

Rule #4 - Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you need it. Clearly, this is a lesson I'm learning after having to purge a list of shirts and pants I've never worn of "when I lose that weight to get into them." Guilty. Check!

Rule #5 - Stock up on the basics each season. I always buy new white shirts and tank tops because I wear the hell out of them, especially in the summer.

Rule #6 - Be mindful of prints. Let's be honest - we are all guilty of picking up everything hounds-tooth or animal-printed, or at least I am! I'd rather accessorize with jewelry or throw on a printed scarf rather than decorated in some crazy printed shirt that makes me look like I'm a member Von Trapp family wearing a curtain.

bright colors for spring, all from H&M

What are your top season's must haves and closet organizing secrets?


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I recently cleaned out my closet, too, & I had three bags of clothing, accessories, shoes, & purses to take to a local consignment shop in town. In two months, they'll send me a check for 30% of whatever sells! But... they only took so many of my things because they were BRAND NEW, tags in tact. Ugh.

kimi said...

I've definitely revamped my closet as of late. And replaced it with entirely too many new things. Oops. For me I'm all about trouser jeans/pants with basic tees and wedges. I am loving the pop of neon trend right now too.

I tried to organize by color this winter and HATED it. I recently went back to organized by type and feel so much better.

The Modern Gal said...

I purge after every season, but it's because my closet is the size of a broom closet ... yay old houses :(

One tip that I've seen but haven't tried is to hook all your hangers on the rack backwards after cleaning out your closet. When you wear an item, return the hanger in the normal position. At the end of the season, you'll know everything you haven't worn.

The biggest thing is to just be honest with yourself about whether you'll wear something or not -- and that's the hardest thing! But once you get it down to only stuff you really want to wear, you feel so much better!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I did a major purge of my closet recently and finally got rid of stuff that's been hanging around way too long. I'll have to try organizing by type rather than color...

cleshopaholic said...

I need to do this so bad. I need to move all my winter clothes out, and mainly, bring up my annex closet from my laundry room!

Fizzgig said...

i think, the best liberation, is cleaning out your closets! this goes for figuratively, and literally...

I got rid of years and years of clothes that don't fit anymore, enabling me to fill that space with new clothes in new sizes. It's the best feeling, ever!!

LWLH said...

I need to take this advice and really purge my closet. I have horrible things that I would never wear again, just taking up valuable space.