I got nailed

So the first weekend in June came and went rather quickly I must say after a very exhausting and short work week with the holiday. Not to mention, I was constantly confused as to which day it was which made things just that much more interesting as the week went on.

On Friday, I joined friends at Thirsty Parrot with the possibility of heading to the Indians game but I don't exactly remember why we didn't go, but we decided against it, so my girlfriend and I left and headed to a neighborhood joint, the Greenhouse Tavern, to sip on delicious cocktails and devour the chicken wings and a few other delicious items.

GHT Smartees! and something with vodka and champagne
My girlfriend ditched me and I headed back to the bar to meet the boys and partake in a random harmonica play-off with my new BFF pictured below, who really needs no name at this point, but I won - naturally. One my hidden talents.....

harmonica necklaces rock
On Saturday, I sort of accidentally slept through my alarm and missed the football games at Clark Fields but I hear my team won both games, so maybe it's better that I stayed at home!

Considering it was June 2, I simply didn't care that my thermometer only said it was 68 and that it felt like there was 20 mph winds coming off the lake, so I drove to Edgewater Park where I ran over the largest nail known to man but wouldn't realize it until the next morning. Naturally....

spot the reading porn!
For the night portion, I ventured downstairs to meet friends at Hodge's bar to catch up with new friends, have a light dinner with heavy drinks and discuss where the night would take us. Where did it take us? To East 4th area and then over the bridge to W.25th and ended with a dance party at the Speakeasy.

lobster corn dogs........

notice how creepily cool the flash makes our eyes look
dance party capture.
On Sunday morning, I was up after a good eight hours of sleep and ready to take on the day, but first, I needed to make myself one hell of a kick ass breakfast and read the paper while sipping a few cups of pomegranate tea with honey and fresh lemon.

dip and toast egg with fruit, toast, tea and the paper

I cleaned up all 800 square feet of my apartment, which was covered in bathing suits from Victoria's Secret, packaged up the returns and was ready to take on a sale at BCBG. Until of course, I saw the current state of my car or actually the state of the rear tire.

bummer and I got nailed.

I sort of stared at the tire, thinking that maybe if I wished hard enough it would POOF! be filled with air again, but alas, that was not the case. After the tire man came and put on the donut, I high tailed it west to repair the tire, which took much longer than I anticipated so I sat on the curb to tan my legs and enjoy the 70 degree weather while I counted the minutes patiently waited for my car to be fixed.
never miss out on catching some rays

An hour and a half later, I found myself inside BCBG and picked up a new dress and finished off the weekend with patio drinks and people watching in Crocker Park. Not a shabby weekend, if I do so say so myself.


LWLH said...

Flat tires are the worse.
I'm a total lame when it come to doing any of that car stuff...I'd be tanning too.

Katelin said...

sounds like the best summer weekend (minus the tire, boo!). love it.

Fizzgig said...

ummm..tire guy? people come to fix your tire? I am so out of the single girl loop!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

1. how do you know lastic?!

Rachel said...

I LOVE those lobster corn dogs!!! :)
Also, sorry to hear about your tire :(

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