stay cool, peeps

Friday, June 29, 2012

Get yourself to a pool or beach stat for this weekend's heat. I'll be there. Fo' sure.

Happy weekending!

i may have a lot of callings....

but I'm not sure golf is it right now.

no filter photo

In the spirit of trying all things new, I decided to take a friend up on an offer to go to the driving range (for the second time ever in my life) to hit a bucket of balls. This whole thing started when I was talking with coworkers about how "I-really-think-I-should-learn-how-to-golf" and how a former professor told us way back in the day that taking up golf lets you connect with people you normally wouldn't. So, I found myself at the range.......

My lesson went something like this:

"You know you have to put down your phone to golf, right?"

"It almost looks like you are swatting away bees from attacking you."

"Bend your knees more, stop swinging it like a bat and don't take your eyes off the ball."

"A true golfer can golf with the wind."

From the kids next to us, "Dude, that girl hit the last few balls farther than you." Damn right I did - ok, so maybe it was only about 10 I hit anywhere near the flags.

After laughing at myself for missing three balls in a row..."Ok, golfing lessons are something you probably will want to consider if you want to play 9 holes."

it was windy, that's the only explanation for this

Next up on my list - boxing. Yes, you read that right.

I want to take a few boxing lessons and not kickboxing either. I want the gloves, the ring, the mouth guard and the person to box with back and forth because it's something I want to add to my ever growing list of workouts to try. Accepting suggestions now.

Who is with me?

lake getaway

What. a. fabulous. weekend.

And, since it was so fabulous and I'm tired, slightly sun burnt and majorly dehydrated, here is my weekend in photos and the whole weekend was spent on the lake.

Not a bad two days, if I do say so myself.

Friday night after a busy week of work, coworkers invited me to a few cocktails at the Shoreby club and a boat ride or two, where someone may or may not have used a life jacket as shorts and a floating device at the same time.

beautiful lake erie
After sweating my butt off in hot yoga (sidenote: I'm addicted) on Saturday morning, I packed up my new Volvo that I'm obsessed with and headed west to take myself to Catawba to meet friends for two full days of sun in the fun.

pool time; grilling; katie and me; katie's burn which doesn't really come across in this photo

Because we couldn't get ourselves together quick enough and didn't buy JetExpress tickets in advance, we cabbed it to Mon Ami to hang out and dance with some awesome people for the whole damn night.

the blind card pulled to reveal how many shots we were to take; the group; katie's evil face; frankie's dancing begins

don't let the jhorts fool you - that man could dance; frankie's moves take 2; bad romance came on so the paws came out; katie and mitch not dancing.

On Sunday morning, (technically 10 a.m. is morning and after our dance party, we were lucky to be up before noon), we joined new friends out on their boat and drove to Kelley's Island for lunch, BBQ, coronas and then a trip to East Harbor Beach to finish off an amazing island adventure.

And with that, my first Catawba weekend comes to a sad close. Now, when can we go back?

Sidenote: I want a boat and to own a lake house somewhere. Who is with me?

letters to yourself.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
On the eve of her 34th birthday, my friend wrote a letter to herself and read it out loud to my us at dinner last week. Holy empowering. We were both excited, clapping out loud in laughter and going to remind of her of what she read aloud on that patio.
I'm not sure where she got the idea from (probably Pinterest because isn't everything from Pinterest at this point?) but I was instantly inspired to think about what I would write to myself as I approach a birthday in the next six months. (I already have a party idea for the big 3-0.)

So, in early anticipation of a birthday that is six months out, I'm going to commit to a few items moving forward. After all, half the battle is saying it out loud, isn't it?

Dear Allison Marie Anastasia (confirmation name, of course, counts in this instance),
  • continue to laugh more at yourself. So what if you trip all the time when you think no one is looking?!?
  • keep taking your ass to yoga at least once a week. it's helping to keep you centered and calm, just like your therapist said it would.
  • write every few days in your journal. you love it and always have.
  • put pen to paper or keys to word document and get cracking on your article ideas and submit them already. no time like the present to get published.
  • two words: European adventure. make it happen next year. you have friends who love to travel.
  • start getting up earlier each day. amazing how much more you can accomplish, right?
  • keep eliminating the clutter. in every sense of the word.
  • put it in a ponytail - you'll break the hair twirling in no time.
  • continue to block out the mindless chatter - that's just what it is. mindless.
  • exercising the word "no" - worked fabulously when negotiating my new lease
  • smile, show those overly large Peltz teeth and be happy every. day. no one is watching

So, if you were writing a letter to youself, what the hell would it say? And it's totally appropriate to write one to yourself even if it's nowhere near your actual birthday.

marine hunting of course

Just like in college, I'm a personal fan of weekends kicking off on Thursday night with happy hours, late night volleyball games or dinners with friends.

This past Thursday, my friend Melissa and I celebrated our friend Lissa's birthday the only we know how - with tequila and tacos - while discussing ever important topics on a patio on a beautiful 75 degree night. We not only had Lissa's birthday to celebrate but also look ahead to Summer Solstice at the end of the month, discuss our next psychic visit and, most importantly, look ahead to our upcoming August trip to Key West. Ahhhhh. beach me already!

reading her letter to herself - more on that in another post

guac and margaritas at Barrio
On Friday, I ended up going on a tour of East 4th bars from House of Blues to Flannery's to dinner at Pura Vida to Made the 216 event to the Greenhouse rooftop patio and over to Bar Louie on W.6th to finish out our marine hunting. Wonder how many points I racked up on FourSquare?

It all started when I saw a few friends were checked in at Flannery's and then night continued as you read above with served with many vodka sodas. At Pura Vida, someone decided that we should all name our outfits as we prepared on our marine hunting extravaganza because duh - why wouldn't we?!

scene of the crime

Can't say we weren't creative...
After our light dinner and drinks, we finally made it over to Made in 216 where we ran into more friends, sipped on vodka lemonades and checked out all the merchandise for sale.

located in the basement of Dredger's Union
smile - it's the weekend!

wall artwork; grey cardigan artwork; hair cuts (no joke!); CLE Clothing tank
After our pit stop at the Greenhouse Tavern rooftop and walk through Public Square past the tanks and helicopters, we made it to Bar Louie, which actually had a very poor Marine showing, unlike earlier in the week, and wasn't conducive to marine hunting.

my method of transportation home. saved my feet for sure.

On Saturday morning, I was up (against all odds somehow) and sweat at least 5 pounds out at hot yoga, treated myself to a pedicure and manicure and then another impromptu beach party with friends down at Edgewater, where there was a DJ AND a trash pick-up contest among other completely random things happening at the beach that afternoon.
there are no words for this beach contraption she created.

The rest of day was spent with my parents over dinner back in my hometown, celebrating Father's Day not actually on Sunday. I headed over to Willoughby to join friends for a few low-key coronas on Panini's patio. A nice, quiet Saturday night.
coronas and katie - summer is here.

And Sunday brought cleaning up this place I call home while watching Dallas, running errands, visiting with my cousins and their adorable baby son, and drinks and dinner at Market Garden while we heckled my brother a little bit. That's what older sisters are for, people!

According to my trusty iPhone calendar, this week is about to get p-r-e-t-t-y busy if I do say so myself......

thanks, dad.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Dear Dad,

With Sunday approaching your big day, I wanted to thank you for a few lessons I have learned over the past 29 years from you to prove that when you say "I never listen to you," I am, in fact, listening and soaking in all your wisdom.

1) Thank you for instilling an incredibly strong work ethic in me. While picking rocks out of the front yard before you replanted it and moving yards and yards of mulch on long school days with my brother was demanding, I learned I didn't enjoy doing it at that time (like I told you), and that I will be hiring someone to do that in the future.

2) Thanks for purchasing me those Doc Martens when I was 13 because I begged and pleaded convinced you it was a great investment at the time because I wouldn't need boots for the next 10 years. ( Ha ha - who was I kidding!?) Good news - I'm in charge of buying all my shoes now and let's just say they continue to increase in price. somehow. I have expensive taste.

3) Thanks for letting my friends and me take a spring break trip Myrtle Beach when we were 18. I know mom was really freaked out for the week but all five of us made it out alive - just like you knew we would. We accomplished a lot in that week and I'm glad it isn't captured on film, but I learned how to get out of getting arrested so you never needed to hear about your delinquent daughter. (This skill also came in handy many times following the next few years.)

4) Thanks for not killing me when I got my belly button pierced after I promised time and time again I wouldn't do it when I turned 18. Hey - at least I never went through with the nose or tongue ring, right???? And, maybe you were right when you said I would regret it when I was older (both times I pierced it) because I would have a hole that would never close up. Lesson learned. P.s. How do you know THESE things?!?

5) Thanks for not yanking me out of college when I may have failed a freshman psychology class. I totally learned my lesson, making sure I would drop any classes well in advance.

6) Lastly, thanks in advance for not kicking me out of your will when I go to lease my next car because I feel like I provided fair warning over the past week, so I'm hoping you aren't leaving little Greggy to man your estate years from now just because I decided against a Ford. It's only three years and your negotiation techniques totally came out.....

many father's days ago. (check out those bangs!)

Happy Father's Day!

why hello there June!

As I write this, I can say I'm no longer pale and officially have a summer glow from this weekend spent mostly outdoors. I'm absolutely loving this 90 degree summer weather.

On Friday,  I met a friend for dinner at Bar Louie in Crocker Park, which is definitely known for its people watching but I never expected to be sitting at dinner sipping on my cucumber martini and see 4 policeman and 2 EMTs go to the bathroom to remove a girl on a gurney with a full restaurant of onlookers. She knows how to start off her weekend with a bang!

I was strict all week for this.

Found and need to steal this for my apartment

After completing the my first hot yoga class with CleShopaholic at Inner Bliss where I sweat out all the toxins in my body and tried not to slide all over my mat, I joined a friend at Edgewater beach to lay out and two other friends there on Saturday. Popular place I tell you. The weather was absolutely perfect for the beach - it was warm but with the light breeze that made me want to lay there all afternoon.

After a few hours of sun, I headed to my friend Lia's twins first birthday party - a circus theme with a candy bar, popcorn tubs, cake and cupcakes.

happy birthday G and O

The night brought girlfriends downtown to enjoy a drinks, pretzel shots and my friend, Nadine, trying to prove that guys are actually intimidated by her because of the crazy eye look she gives off. To prove her point, she whipped out her iPhone and we all took our turns at perfecting our crazy eye photo.

After several rounds later, ta-dah! beware boys!

scared? damn right

and another one where Lisa is still the short one.

On Sunday, I headed back to the beach to continue to work on my summer glow where five of us gathered  - beach partttttyyyy - where we blared an amazing 90s hip hop Pandora station and with each next song, we turned it up louder and louder, dancing around to "forgot about dre," "Poison," "Back that ass up" and "Rosa Parks."

Lara brought the tunes - 90s hip hop Pandora station is a must

beach scene. We are in water because it was hot as hell.

people were flying over us - you can see in the distance. barely.

Finally, I wrapped up the weekend by heading to back to my hometown to spend some quality time with my mom to celebrate her 55th birthday. I have big plans for Jules for her birthday present - a day out with me, including lunch somewhere new to her and a trip to Rock Hall because she's been wanting to go. Forever.

And for all you ladies, Marine Week has has started today as you can see the bus parked on Euclid below. I don't know what actually happens this week but I'm assuming it's the midwest version Fleet Week and you know what that means - lots of cute boys walking around in uniforms. Be on the lookout!

summer jams.

There are so many awesomely bad things with this video.

There are so many awesomely bad things with this song.

But, by the power of YouTube recommendations, it appeared on my sidebar while watching another equally amazingly awesome bad pop music video.

The gem below was introduced to me by the one and only CleShopaholic when she gave me Pixie Lott's entire album. 

"You willlll loveeeeeeeee this," she said and she was so right and is always spot on with her british pop recommendations for me.

I listen to this song everywhere - when I run, dance and sing to it in my apartment, when I'm driving my car and when I have my earbuds in and act like no one hears or sees me walking down the street.

It's just that kind of song.

And POOF! it's the weekend!

at the moment

fresh flowers make my apartment feel a bit summery

bright and sparkly jewelry dress up even a white tank

$15 from Charming Charlie

this argan oil heals everything from roots to dry skin and SPF 40 face lotion recommended by Kimberly

Josie Maran knows her stuff

a new sultry summer scent to replace my winter Flowerbomb

tiger orchid, sweet toffee and Indosesian patchoul
an interesting way of displaying a variety of necklaces

using this dress form for anything other than its original purpose
adding a little bit of sparkle to an otherwise boring white bandeau bathing suit

Victoria's Secret - on sale!

a hot pink cross body purse that's light and literally brightens me up

Kate Spade - half yearly sale purchase!

I got nailed

So the first weekend in June came and went rather quickly I must say after a very exhausting and short work week with the holiday. Not to mention, I was constantly confused as to which day it was which made things just that much more interesting as the week went on.

On Friday, I joined friends at Thirsty Parrot with the possibility of heading to the Indians game but I don't exactly remember why we didn't go, but we decided against it, so my girlfriend and I left and headed to a neighborhood joint, the Greenhouse Tavern, to sip on delicious cocktails and devour the chicken wings and a few other delicious items.

GHT Smartees! and something with vodka and champagne
My girlfriend ditched me and I headed back to the bar to meet the boys and partake in a random harmonica play-off with my new BFF pictured below, who really needs no name at this point, but I won - naturally. One my hidden talents.....

harmonica necklaces rock
On Saturday, I sort of accidentally slept through my alarm and missed the football games at Clark Fields but I hear my team won both games, so maybe it's better that I stayed at home!

Considering it was June 2, I simply didn't care that my thermometer only said it was 68 and that it felt like there was 20 mph winds coming off the lake, so I drove to Edgewater Park where I ran over the largest nail known to man but wouldn't realize it until the next morning. Naturally....

spot the reading porn!
For the night portion, I ventured downstairs to meet friends at Hodge's bar to catch up with new friends, have a light dinner with heavy drinks and discuss where the night would take us. Where did it take us? To East 4th area and then over the bridge to W.25th and ended with a dance party at the Speakeasy.

lobster corn dogs........

notice how creepily cool the flash makes our eyes look
dance party capture.
On Sunday morning, I was up after a good eight hours of sleep and ready to take on the day, but first, I needed to make myself one hell of a kick ass breakfast and read the paper while sipping a few cups of pomegranate tea with honey and fresh lemon.

dip and toast egg with fruit, toast, tea and the paper

I cleaned up all 800 square feet of my apartment, which was covered in bathing suits from Victoria's Secret, packaged up the returns and was ready to take on a sale at BCBG. Until of course, I saw the current state of my car or actually the state of the rear tire.

bummer and I got nailed.

I sort of stared at the tire, thinking that maybe if I wished hard enough it would POOF! be filled with air again, but alas, that was not the case. After the tire man came and put on the donut, I high tailed it west to repair the tire, which took much longer than I anticipated so I sat on the curb to tan my legs and enjoy the 70 degree weather while I counted the minutes patiently waited for my car to be fixed.
never miss out on catching some rays

An hour and a half later, I found myself inside BCBG and picked up a new dress and finished off the weekend with patio drinks and people watching in Crocker Park. Not a shabby weekend, if I do so say so myself.