lake getaway

What. a. fabulous. weekend.

And, since it was so fabulous and I'm tired, slightly sun burnt and majorly dehydrated, here is my weekend in photos and the whole weekend was spent on the lake.

Not a bad two days, if I do say so myself.

Friday night after a busy week of work, coworkers invited me to a few cocktails at the Shoreby club and a boat ride or two, where someone may or may not have used a life jacket as shorts and a floating device at the same time.

beautiful lake erie
After sweating my butt off in hot yoga (sidenote: I'm addicted) on Saturday morning, I packed up my new Volvo that I'm obsessed with and headed west to take myself to Catawba to meet friends for two full days of sun in the fun.

pool time; grilling; katie and me; katie's burn which doesn't really come across in this photo

Because we couldn't get ourselves together quick enough and didn't buy JetExpress tickets in advance, we cabbed it to Mon Ami to hang out and dance with some awesome people for the whole damn night.

the blind card pulled to reveal how many shots we were to take; the group; katie's evil face; frankie's dancing begins

don't let the jhorts fool you - that man could dance; frankie's moves take 2; bad romance came on so the paws came out; katie and mitch not dancing.

On Sunday morning, (technically 10 a.m. is morning and after our dance party, we were lucky to be up before noon), we joined new friends out on their boat and drove to Kelley's Island for lunch, BBQ, coronas and then a trip to East Harbor Beach to finish off an amazing island adventure.

And with that, my first Catawba weekend comes to a sad close. Now, when can we go back?

Sidenote: I want a boat and to own a lake house somewhere. Who is with me?


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I love going up to Catawba. I always feel like I've been on vacation, but it's so close by!

Kimberly said...

What incredible fun!! Love the Gaga paws.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

1. you're hot.
2. this post is making me excited for my kelleys island trip next week.

Heather said...

Kimi and I just said yesterday that we want to rent a summer house and boat with a bunch of friends every year. Let's do it!

Alana said...

our weekends were eerily similar! already want to go back ;)

Anonymous said...

1. you're not even close to hot
2. you're an attention whore
3. nobody cares about your pathetic life
4. you're the worst writer i've seen in a long time
5. that scarf looks stupid

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to that guy...your scarf isn't that bad.

Katelin said...

i would not object to owning a lake house. seriously this weekend looks like so much fun, love weekends like that.

Melven said...

Anonymous - who's the attention whore? Reading a blog that clearly has no resemblance of your life and leaving comments under anonymous?

Kristin said...

Hahaha this made me LOL because tomorrow at work I was going to ask where you got that scarf because I live it! Haha

heisschic said...

And here I was thinking that I'm jealous of your legs.

Love the shorts and scarf, girl.

Fizzgig said...

SHUT UP MON AMI????I've never been but I'm a fan of the Mon Ami winery, and am partial to Lake Erie Catawba, and while we're on the subject, the Lake Erie Concord is pretty good too. $6 for a tasty bottle of wine is a steal!!

One of these days I need to branch out and enjoy lake erie! you make it seem so hip!!

what an amazing weekend. I am kinda jealous.

Anonymous said...

Jilted lover my ass!

Bite Buff said...

Love your scarf. ;)

OBM.cle said...

I'm a fan of the scarf too ... and even more so THOSE shorts!

I hope one day my blog makes me cool enough to get some haters (obviously with very kind/warm personalities & lots of self esteem) too.

A blogging girl can dream, ha.

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