marine hunting of course

Just like in college, I'm a personal fan of weekends kicking off on Thursday night with happy hours, late night volleyball games or dinners with friends.

This past Thursday, my friend Melissa and I celebrated our friend Lissa's birthday the only we know how - with tequila and tacos - while discussing ever important topics on a patio on a beautiful 75 degree night. We not only had Lissa's birthday to celebrate but also look ahead to Summer Solstice at the end of the month, discuss our next psychic visit and, most importantly, look ahead to our upcoming August trip to Key West. Ahhhhh. beach me already!

reading her letter to herself - more on that in another post

guac and margaritas at Barrio
On Friday, I ended up going on a tour of East 4th bars from House of Blues to Flannery's to dinner at Pura Vida to Made the 216 event to the Greenhouse rooftop patio and over to Bar Louie on W.6th to finish out our marine hunting. Wonder how many points I racked up on FourSquare?

It all started when I saw a few friends were checked in at Flannery's and then night continued as you read above with served with many vodka sodas. At Pura Vida, someone decided that we should all name our outfits as we prepared on our marine hunting extravaganza because duh - why wouldn't we?!

scene of the crime

Can't say we weren't creative...
After our light dinner and drinks, we finally made it over to Made in 216 where we ran into more friends, sipped on vodka lemonades and checked out all the merchandise for sale.

located in the basement of Dredger's Union
smile - it's the weekend!

wall artwork; grey cardigan artwork; hair cuts (no joke!); CLE Clothing tank
After our pit stop at the Greenhouse Tavern rooftop and walk through Public Square past the tanks and helicopters, we made it to Bar Louie, which actually had a very poor Marine showing, unlike earlier in the week, and wasn't conducive to marine hunting.

my method of transportation home. saved my feet for sure.

On Saturday morning, I was up (against all odds somehow) and sweat at least 5 pounds out at hot yoga, treated myself to a pedicure and manicure and then another impromptu beach party with friends down at Edgewater, where there was a DJ AND a trash pick-up contest among other completely random things happening at the beach that afternoon.
there are no words for this beach contraption she created.

The rest of day was spent with my parents over dinner back in my hometown, celebrating Father's Day not actually on Sunday. I headed over to Willoughby to join friends for a few low-key coronas on Panini's patio. A nice, quiet Saturday night.
coronas and katie - summer is here.

And Sunday brought cleaning up this place I call home while watching Dallas, running errands, visiting with my cousins and their adorable baby son, and drinks and dinner at Market Garden while we heckled my brother a little bit. That's what older sisters are for, people!

According to my trusty iPhone calendar, this week is about to get p-r-e-t-t-y busy if I do say so myself......


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I just LOVE summer weekends! And your looked super fun. "Marine Hunting" -ah to be single in the city again!!

cleshopaholic said...

I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN!!Blisters are not attractive!!! Next time I'm busting out the shade tent. I'm going to practice putting it up at my house. LOL

Valerie said...

Oh I'm so happy your posted some pics of made in the 216, as I spy my necklaces! I had jewelry in the event and never even got to get there this weekend to see the set up and shop. My husband ended up getting called back to work until 11 pm Friday night. boo! :(

Katelin said...

sounds like my kind of weekend! love summer things.

Fizzgig said...

marine hunting=the ultimate single life!! sounds like a fabulous time!!

kimi said...

love summer!!!

Alana said...

you and me both were marina hunting! im still allowed to look!