summer jams.

There are so many awesomely bad things with this video.

There are so many awesomely bad things with this song.

But, by the power of YouTube recommendations, it appeared on my sidebar while watching another equally amazingly awesome bad pop music video.

The gem below was introduced to me by the one and only CleShopaholic when she gave me Pixie Lott's entire album. 

"You willlll loveeeeeeeee this," she said and she was so right and is always spot on with her british pop recommendations for me.

I listen to this song everywhere - when I run, dance and sing to it in my apartment, when I'm driving my car and when I have my earbuds in and act like no one hears or sees me walking down the street.

It's just that kind of song.

And POOF! it's the weekend!


Fizzgig said...

looove the summer of love!!

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