why hello there June!

As I write this, I can say I'm no longer pale and officially have a summer glow from this weekend spent mostly outdoors. I'm absolutely loving this 90 degree summer weather.

On Friday,  I met a friend for dinner at Bar Louie in Crocker Park, which is definitely known for its people watching but I never expected to be sitting at dinner sipping on my cucumber martini and see 4 policeman and 2 EMTs go to the bathroom to remove a girl on a gurney with a full restaurant of onlookers. She knows how to start off her weekend with a bang!

I was strict all week for this.

Found and need to steal this for my apartment

After completing the my first hot yoga class with CleShopaholic at Inner Bliss where I sweat out all the toxins in my body and tried not to slide all over my mat, I joined a friend at Edgewater beach to lay out and two other friends there on Saturday. Popular place I tell you. The weather was absolutely perfect for the beach - it was warm but with the light breeze that made me want to lay there all afternoon.

After a few hours of sun, I headed to my friend Lia's twins first birthday party - a circus theme with a candy bar, popcorn tubs, cake and cupcakes.

happy birthday G and O

The night brought girlfriends downtown to enjoy a drinks, pretzel shots and my friend, Nadine, trying to prove that guys are actually intimidated by her because of the crazy eye look she gives off. To prove her point, she whipped out her iPhone and we all took our turns at perfecting our crazy eye photo.

After several rounds later, ta-dah! beware boys!

scared? damn right

and another one where Lisa is still the short one.

On Sunday, I headed back to the beach to continue to work on my summer glow where five of us gathered  - beach partttttyyyy - where we blared an amazing 90s hip hop Pandora station and with each next song, we turned it up louder and louder, dancing around to "forgot about dre," "Poison," "Back that ass up" and "Rosa Parks."

Lara brought the tunes - 90s hip hop Pandora station is a must

beach scene. We are in water because it was hot as hell.

people were flying over us - you can see in the distance. barely.

Finally, I wrapped up the weekend by heading to back to my hometown to spend some quality time with my mom to celebrate her 55th birthday. I have big plans for Jules for her birthday present - a day out with me, including lunch somewhere new to her and a trip to Rock Hall because she's been wanting to go. Forever.

And for all you ladies, Marine Week has has started today as you can see the bus parked on Euclid below. I don't know what actually happens this week but I'm assuming it's the midwest version Fleet Week and you know what that means - lots of cute boys walking around in uniforms. Be on the lookout!


cleshopaholic said...

I just ordered my beach shade, so I'm IN for beach time this weekend!!!!!!!!

Alana said...

those parachute flyer dudes were awesome!!

Katelin said...

your weekend sounds absolutely divine, love it.

Fizzgig said...

ah..yes, marine week!!! This is very much an intriguing addition to the city!!

Rachel said...

Hooray for getting some sun!! {{and cute marines!!}}

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I got some sun too from my trip and I am LOVING IT! YAY SUN!