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While traveling in NYC last week for work, a coworker introduced me to my new birthday cake love - truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar. Holy deliciousness in your mouth is the only way I can explain it. I love birthday cake everything. However, not pictured and a close second is crack pie, which is a smooth milky sugary small round pie if you will that literally melts in your mouth and you completely forget that you just had your monthly intake of sugar in one bite.
birthday cake truffles = heaven

Last month, I happily turned in my Mazda 3 for a spanking new Volvo S60 that is the most adult car I have ever owned and am thrilled to hop into all its newness when I actually do drive a few times a week.

always wanted a white car!

Summertime brings all the best pop music, even from our friends from across the pond. I've loved british pop since the Spice Girls invasion all those years ago and CleShopaholic shares my love of all things British pop and even introduced me the app Xfm and Pixie Lott.

Cheryl Cole my friends - Spotify immediately Call My Name

After trying outside yoga, I was able to snap this amazing photo from the beach. Who doesn't love summer sunsets?

sunset over Rocky River beach

July is almost over, my boating, beach and island days are counting down slowly but I hope to get enough of a fix with an upcoming Key West trip - white sand, turquiose water and girlfriends for a full 5 days. Pass the corona and mojitos please!

if I had beach house, one of these would be hanging on the door.

Somehow July is almost over.... when did that happen?


CLEshopaholic said...

This year is going by way too fast! My Cheryl CD is still not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I'm heading to NYC for the first time next month and can't wait to get some balls in my mouth! ;o)

Love your new ride too.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

summer is almost over and we haven't drank on enough patios together, this needs to change.

Alana said...

let's plan a beach day. beers, boats and babes. it will be epic.

The Modern Gal said...

I love Momofuku Milk Bar so, so much. I dream about it frequently.

Sweet ride! The S40 has long been my dream car.

Anonymous said...

You are seriously the worst. We get it, you travel and eat out at restaurants like, all the time, and you're like, so cool for doing so. How about you tell us about the city you travel to, or give a generally useful review of the restaurants you eat at. Seriously, just give us SOME kind of meaningful takeaway from your idiotic collection of embarrassingly poor grammar and sentence structure that you call a blog. Don't you write for a living? Who on earth would pay you.

You represent everything I despise about our entitled, braggadocious generation. Your opinion is NOT important. Neither is mine, for that matter. Just know that. And you're not 'cool' to have 'haters.' I don't hate you. I'm trying to help you realize that you should be embarrassed.

Also -- opening your gaping, cavernous mouth in every photo and playfully cocking your head to the side whilst doing the 'skinny arm' pose - not cute. You'll never be particularly skinny.

Oh -- and Volvos are for yuppie jerks.

Erin Swain said...

Anonymous, If you don't like Allison or her blog the DON'T read it. I don't understand why you won't use your real name?!?!?!
#LameLife #Jealous #Rude

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I need strawberry lemon truffles IMEDIATELY, please & thank you.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Also, this Anonymous character exhibits the highest level of assholeiness I've possibly ever seen, save for the moronic Tea Partier conspiracy theorists who generally troll Huffington Post.

You, ma'am - & I'm going to call you ma'am, because it's obvious that you're a bitter, hateful hag who's saying mean things just for the sake of being mean in the hopes that you'll somehow feel better once you've hit "submit" - are unwelcome here &, for that matter, on the Internet in general. Go take a hot shower & drink a cup of tea & ruminate for an hour or so on why you're so hyped up & angry about life that you need to harp on happy people just to make yourself feel special. Meanwhile, Allison will blog about whatever the hell she feels like blogging about - happily.

Jen said...

LOVE the new car, girlfriend. Oh, you FANCY, huh?

OBM.cle said...


If you are going to attack one's grammar and sentence structure you should try your best to make sure your's is perfect. Last time I checked "Who on earth would pay you" is a question. Therefore, this should end with a question mark not a period. Just sayin' ... don't throw rocks.

Also, go out and enjoy said cities and restaurants you are trying to find reviews for, instead of sitting inside commenting on blogs. If you don't believe she is important, don't show her attention ... negative or positive. Simple as that. ps. I've read this blog for a few months now and I've yet to come across any sort of claim by Allison that she is more important than anyone else.

Good rule of thumb ... live and let live.