closing June out

So, June is over and out and somehow flew the hell by and this was actually what I was saying was a "slow" month for me with no vacations planned - leave that to July and August - Charlotte and Key West here I come!
On Friday, I took a few hours of PTO to meet up with my cousins, aunts and mom because of one of them was in from Key West, where I'll be venturing in August.

We hung out by the pool before the storm rolled in, drank margaritas and snacked on chips and some kick ass guacamole while the younger generation caught up on our dating lives, upcoming trips, what's next, etc, while the older generation kept making us margaritas and laughing at us, our conversation and general antics.

My Aunt Corky rocking her bike; cousins Josie and Lauren: My mom, Aunt, cousin Lisa; the women solving the world's problems on a vermilion beach

On Saturday afternooon, I joined friends in Lake Erie again (ohhhh how I love all things boating) to float around, have a dance party and work on our tans before we headed out at night for Summer Solstice, where I was secretly hoping it would be a little less humid than it actually was because heat and I are not always friends unless I'm in a bikini and surrounded by water.

adult boating activities; floats required

So, Solstice - Did you go? My friends and I decided early on to purchase the 10 p.m. tickets for our first ever Solstice and gathered together to have apps, champagne, vodka sodas and chardonnay before the event. It was an absolutely fab event even though I literally melting at times but it was awesome to be outside on a starry night and drinking on the steps of the museum while dancing t the band.

The party according to my iPhone

On Sunday, well let's just say Sunday was  off to a slowwwwwww start with my friend Nadine and I piecing back together our night, but it was well worth the minor headache - nothing that a few bottles of coconut water can't cure!

After attempting to lay out for a few hours at Edgewater, I called it quits early to meet my brother for dinner at Li Wah because I've been craving dim sum for the past two weeks and he's never been. What better day then a Sunday to over induldge in dumplings and the amazing sesame balls?

studying the menu as the waittress made a face when he ordered something she was sure he would not like

good fortunes.

Hmmm, now how to celebrate the holiday perfectly stuck in the middle of the week?


Fizzgig said...

Sounds like you had a great start to the holiday! It sucks that it is in the middle of the week this year tho...for sure!

LWLH said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend...I need to come out your way and party.