melting, melting, melting

In case anyone was wondering, it was REALLY hot these past few days in Cleveland which resulted in lots of friends on Facebook and Twitter posting pictures of their thermometers in their cars or houses. 102, 104, oh my!
So how did I combat the heat? I hung out in it in the sweatiest hot yoga class of my life on Saturday morning followed by a delicious brunch and a gallon of water with my friend, Erin, and then a short beach trip to at least soak in some of the sun, as long as I possibly could.
omelettes all around. Notice the giant water almost gone.

call me crazy - I lasted 1.5 hours
Saturday night led me to Rocky River for dinner and a movie - Magic Mike of course -  with my friend Danielle. Knowing this week brings a crazy amount of travel for work to New York and fun in Charlotte, I was completely happy to relax and indulge with a few cocktails, tuna nachos, caprese salad and a split fish sandwich at Burntwood Tavern followed by some eye candy in Magic Mike with Channing.

Oh Channing - you have moves.  And Matthew -OMG,  holy hilarious as the raunchy, self-obsessed club owner always clad in leather pants.
quite possibly could have ordered two orders

Pulling a Katy Perry; date night - no making out in the back of this theater

On Sunday, friends gathered to celebrate Rick in all his glory as an official 30 year old with a surprise party in the afternoon. Was he surprised? Of course he was! His sister even had to go outside of the room where we were to yell "Surprise!" because the boys sat down at the bar instead of walking into the party room.

Erin with a life-size Rick; Browns cake pops and golf cake/cupcakes; boys w/ the birthday boy; girls and Rico

Another weekend down and another work week begins starting in New York for the first half and finishing with a trip to visit friends in Charlotte for the weekend.

See ya on next Sunday, CLE!


Kelly said...

Wait, how good was Kitty Purry's movie!? I want to see it SO BAD!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sounds like a great weekend! It's been crazy hot here too, I am so glad it's cooled down.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel popular

Anonymous said...

I can't read the captcha from my phone