wine and beer me please

I can sum up my weekend with three things - wine, beer and outdoor drinking.

Seeing as we were having some stormy weather on Friday evening, it took my friends and I two attempts to make it down to the Cleveland Wine Festival at Voinovich park, which I always referred to as the "east 9th street park" but alas - it has an official name I never knew.

no filter; clouds over the lake

On our second attempt, we walked down for round two of the wine festival hoping all the rain was completely gone for the evening. Well - let's just say we were wrong but we were able to enjoy a quick thirty minutes of sampling before the clouds got darker over the lake and made it back home as the drizzling started for the second time that night.

I high tailed it over to Chateau St. Michelle booth to sip the other three reislings they were offering to attendees. I'm an equal wine opportunist and love everything from sweet whites to bold and robust reds.  Out of the reislings to taste, my favorite was the dry one - it wasn't too sweet, a little crisp, refreshing and I could have had several more glasses than I had if we weren't trying to out run the storm!

Riesling background; the booth; the most important part - the wine; get outta my way - more wine!

On Saturday afternoon, we spent a few hours in Tremont at the 4th Annual Ale Fest outside under the gorgeous weather with hundreds of our closest friends (and beer lovers) to sample a few ales from Fat Heads, Buckeye How good were these beer cocktails? So good I can't remember the exact details but I believe it was a blonde ale and vanilla whiskey combination that was utterly delightful.

Gina, Jess, Lissa and me rocking "Yep we are from Cleveland" stickers from CLE Clothing Co

sunny afternoon for drinking

the best neighbor ever complete with a pretzel necklace for sharing

Somehow it is July is this summer flying be so quickly and what can I do to hit the pause button?!?

Disclaimer: I was offered two tickets to the Cleveland wine festival from the lovely people at Chateau St. Michelle to attend, sip some wines and offer a review of their delicious and refreshing wines.


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

We went on Friday night as well...just drank enough to forget we got drenched :-)

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Beer necklace! What a great fashion trend - love it!

Katelin said...

seriously a wine festival sounds like my perfect weekend. i need one of those to happen here, asap.

Fizzgig said...

I'm kinda jealous you remember what you liked at the festival. I remember thinking I had to remember some good new wines, but then I had more, and I danced with the band, and I forgot.

Oh well, it was all in good fun!!

Wearing Mascara said...

I'm an equal wine opportunist too :-) Love reislings - especially in the summer. Glad you had fun!