my favorite feast of the summer

Ohhhh how quickly the Feast came and went this weekend for all of Cleveland. Unlike past years, the weather wasn't blazing hot so instead of literally going down on a Sunday and picking up strombolis, fried dough and mozzarella because the heat was too much to take, I actually spent all Saturday afternoon in Little Italy.

Having grown up on the far west side as a kid, we never attended the Feast of the Assumption but had our Croatian and Hungarian festivals that we would attend every summer to eat our ethnic food - I mean, have you ever had chicken paprikash?!

It wasn't until seven years ago when I moved up to the east side did I hear about this event and went for the night time festivities where Cleveland's Jersey Shore wannabes come out at night - hair gel, gold chains and lots of muscles, ladies!

But this year, my friend Gina held a pre-party in her adorable apartment which made parking and getting to Little Italy super easy with just a short walk down to the hill. Here is where we all spent the entire afternoon, sampling all the amazing food we could get our hands on.

Gambling in the church allowed
pre- food consumption with Kayla and Jenna

Hostess Gina arriving with jazz hands into the beer tent

The Feast is sort of the first signal that the end of summer is near because then Labor Day comes and it's for sure the end of summer. I'm pretty sure the whole group fasted the day before because in between drinks, we were eating from the plethora of amazing vendors on the street from cavatelli with meatballs to pizza to rice balls with marinara to tiramisu gelato. Why yes I had a little bit of everything and loved every second of it!

Corbos in the background
First on my list - fried dough from Spuzzillo's because you can't go wrong with hot fried dough covered in sugar. I have been waiting all summer for this deliciousness.....

fried dough = my love; jess and jenna snacking away; power rangers unite w/ gold watches; showing us how to shag

And just like that, the Feast has come and gone. Did you make it down this year? What was your favorite part?


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I love the Feast! Hands down, my favorite part this year was getting a picture with Super Pimp!

Alana said...

we didn't make it, sadly! i always want to go but my italian counterpart doesn't - odd, right??!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

fried dough continues!!! love it

Anonymous said...

Additional generic comment from other lame blogger-friend who could care less about what you did and is just trying to increase website metrics!!! You go girlfriend!!!

Allison M. said...

Anon - Are you telling me you don't like fried dough???

CLEshopaholic said...

Three things:
1. Wow you have an angry reader
2. My Feast traditions are calamari and tiramisu
3. Your blog is now blocked at work bc it is somehow classified as "porn". Stop posting about 50 Shades!!! LOL

Katelin said...

the feast looks like so much fun! and so delicious! yummmm.

Fizzgig said...

I wanted to go for the first time this year, but I had a 5k this day....there is always next year!! It always looks like such a great time!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


barf, anon, barf.