353 days later.

Almost a year ago, I was jumping into the unknown in a million different ways but I was embarking on an exciting journey of finally living alone for the first time.

love note from my mom
I had lived with people (sometimes 7 others at a time) for the past 10 years and you get used to having someone (or a few people) constantly around and in your business. It gets comfortable and it's your normal.

Over the past year, I've settled into my new "normal" and living on my own is one of those beautiful things that I have come to thoroughly enjoy and check off my bucket list.

No one to tell me to that "it's too much sparkle."

a few shiny things..

No one to say, "you spent how long looking for the perfect headboard?!?"

sweet dreams to me!
No one to tell me "you have wayyyy too many pillows on that couch."

why yes those are beaded sequined pillows from Pier 1

No one to question, "do you really need jeweled picture frame?"
little purple and gold jewels holding a Key West memory

Each and every design decision made in this new apartment was up to little old me (with the help of a few friends and one very patient mother who accompanied me on my biggest shopping trips) but I can honestly say that this apartment's decor is all me and I absolutely love it every time I walk through the door.

I love setting my keys and mail down on the silver hallway table that my mom convinced me was "oh-my-god-so-perfect" for my apartment. Then walking in the kitchen and living area to see old receipts and flowers sitting pretty on the countertop and even the scattered Hautelook boxes of clothes that are begging me to keep but need to be sent back ASAP in this 790 square foot home.

So happy I listened to my mom....

In addition to having new artwork, these walls have seen quite the slew of parties since last October including a Gossip Girl premiere party, Real Housewives of New Jersey, pre-party for the Jump Back Ball, St. Patrick's day celebration and let's not forget about the Breakfast of Champions - two down and a few more to go this Browns season - and a mix of adult sleepovers with friends and family.

As I look at the new lease sitting in front of me (hoping to move down a floor for a patio still), I know I conquered my first year of living alone in my lovely singlehood up like a girl should at the ripe young age of 29.

...and just think of the patio parties to be thrown! With that, my favorite month of the year (other than my birthday month of January of course), is upon us and I can't wait to see what unplanned adventures I happen upon this autumn season.....

Editor's note: I will always remember my first year of living alone as the year I found my bearings again after being thrown a bit off balance. You can always find your balance again but you have to be willing to put in the work to get there. Are you?


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

It's great to acknowledge milestones like this and remember how far you've come. My first couple years back in Cleveland, I'd have a Cleveland-versary party with my friends, not to remember the "sad" event that brought me home, but to celebrate where my life was in that moment.

Cheers to you and to another fabulous year to come!

Heather said...

Love love love this! Rock on, sister.

Bite Buff said...

Great post!

alexa @ cleveland's a plum said...

i'm so proud of you for ALL of this. way to make a shitty situation into one that has given you awesome opportunities, a new outlook on life and way better decor ;)

love ya!

Katie Swanberg said...

I lived alone for the first time at 28 and it truly was the firs time I started getting to know myself. I came to really enjoy it (and now that I live with someone again, there are days, let me tell ya...)

Congrats on coming up on a year and changing your life. Kudos.

Alana said...

you obviously make the most out of living downtown, and living alone! love your place. and loved the gilmore girls party (even though i had never watched the show!).

Anonymous said...

just thought id say this post was awesome. i have had my share of sh*t the last several years, and have very much been thrown off balance. but you are right, it is possible to find it again. you are an inspiration that it can be done.

Katelin said...

love this post so much and so glad you're first year living alone has been amazing. also i do love that silver table, it's so gorgeous.

Fizzgig said...

oh, no one could ever convince me that living alone is a bad thing! it is the best time of your life! enjoy it, as you obviously are!

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