sometimes you just....

...need to see where a weekend will take you. Especially a weekend that you essentially got "back" as a bonus when a work trip was cancelled at the last minute. While the Colorado trip would have been incredibly engaging and educational, sometimes you just need a lazy fall weekend at home.

No real set plans means you can take the two days off you have by storm and make it up as you go along.

You can spend the afternoon shopping your mom and taking advantage of some serious sales on while finding that perfect pair of leopard booties you've been looking for.

My mom lost in a sea of shoes; two new purchases for me

Or take two leisurely hours sipping lattes and having a late lunch with your mom while catching up on all things happening in your lives from dating to kitchen remodeling to the upcoming holiday season all while remembering and l

You could introduce a friend to your favorite yoga studio, try out a new class and spend the rest of the day watching the Browns game and sipping on pumpkin cider and pumpkin ales on a beautiful Sunday with a group of friends. Absolute fall perfection.

Eggs benedict at Tremont Taphouse is die for

That's how I spent the past few days. A splendid weekend indeed and it's back to the work week grind. How did you spend yours?


Jen said...

I would guess that's Nordstrom Rack. Great finds!

Jenny Chalk said...

Leopard booties...I approve!

Katelin said...

those leopard booties are just so you, love it!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sounds like a fab weekend. And those leopard booties make me LOL because only you could rose those.

Fizzgig said...

sounds like my kind of weekend!!! sometimes the unexpected turns out to be better than what is planned!