the one where I turn 21 again

There are a few times in your life when you realize you aren't quite as young as you once were. Maybe it's playing a basketball game and getting dunked on by a 20-something or realizing that maybe you are finally too old to actually shop at Forever 21.  In my case, it was celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday and thinking somehow that I could keep up with these young kids.

Do you remember your 21st birthday? Mine was celebrated at Kent State where I specifically remember my dad saying, "Allison - don't try to do that stupid 21 shot thing." I listened to my dad and didn't quite make it 21 but my friends and I had a blast from what I remember on that snowy January night.

Little Lauren all grown up
We come from an even larger Croatian family where there are hundreds of cousins who we often forget because we only see them one time a year but our moms are first cousins. Our grandmothers were very close so many of my chilhood memories always included Lauren's family at holidays and I even remember when she was born.

My favorite memory of my little cousin was when I babysat her and her brother, which turned into me making popcorn, burning it so badly that I believe their house probably smelled for weeks after. If you ever have burned popcorn, you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

Carrie, the birthday girl, Clara; Doing gangam style of course
How well did I hang with the young kids? Let's just say I failed miserably..... After sleeping most of the day with a ridiculously long and pounding headache, I finally joined the living world and headed to Nano Brew for a squeaky wheel and breakfast burger and a lot of laughs with friends to celebrate the West Side Market 100 year anniversary.

Just riding home in a hatchback from W 25th


JAMinCLE said...

Oh 21, you seem so far away now! What's worse than burnt popcorn? Burnt FISH smell. BAAAAARF! That stuff will make your house smell perma-funky.

alexa @ cleveland's a plum said...

i most definitely did the 21 shot thing, and made it all the way through.... i didn't have a dad to lecture me!

Alana said...

i feel your pain! my little bro turned 21 a year ago :)

Fizzgig said...

i made a horrible video for my 21st bday, and its painfully embaressing to watch! At least you still can hang...even if the recovery takes a bit longer! You still got it!

Rachel said...

LOL. I accepted a few years back that my days of being "21" were over. :P I just can't hang with them anymore. In fact, the idea of going out like that is exhausting in itself for me! LOL :) You're a champ for giving it a shot!

TaraMetBlog said...

it sounds like you held your own though, going gangam style and all. It's always harder the next day when you're post 21 ;) I wasted a full day in January this year after thinking I could drink scotch like a shot