The cameo wedding

This past weekend, my friends and I headed to the windy city to celebrate a very long time friend, who I believe I met in 7th grade, as he married the love of his life in front of friends and family.

For years, I used to ride my bike to his house and hang out our friend's grandpa's pool in the summer where I introduced the boys to the tanning concoction of baby oil and iodine where Ryan soon became my go-to source for any music. Pop music that is. Even though he will probably deny it, he gave me the Baby One More Time cd and every time I hear Natalie Imbruglia "Torn," I think of him because he was OBSESSED with her and hair.

Guests traveled from all over to spend the weekend together and everything went off without a hitch from having all our friends arrive safely to the beautiful ceremony to an entertaining reception and after party that lasted a bit longer. Thanks, daylight savings!

Carrie and Ryan; lovely little details at the reception

congratulations to Carrie and Ryan

fun with props takes 1 through 4

class of 2001

 At this reception, I also encountered the one and only, the myth I have heard about, a real Vince Vaughn from "Wedding Crashers" who I will simply call "the wedding guy."

Considering I was the only single girl among my friends, I was the only target for this guy and he was like white on rice at times, asking each and every one of my friends about me and explained my lack of a dating situation.

At first, he was somewhat funny, entertaining and the life of the party, yelling and clapping during all the speeches but then after one too many shots of whatever he was drinking, it all sort of came crashing down and I was on the receiving end of his junior high antics. He totally went 7th grade on me and started blatantly insulting me as my friends watched from a far, fully knowing that he was going up in flames with his lack of pick up lines.

Throughout much of our interaction, I kept thinking, "he did not JUST say that" but oh yes, yes he did, completing memorable one liner after another one liner when I didn't think it could get any worse, he somehow found a way to go there. As I politely walked away to grab a drink, say hello to a friend or even dance, he had this way of sort of popping up out of nowhere to be right smack in my personal space.

At this point,  all you can do is burst into laughter, twirl a few strands of hair and think, "you have GOT to be kidding me." But let's be honest, my friends got a kick of the whole thing and if you are wondering, I went home by myself that night to a night of peaceful slumber away from "the wedding guy."

Oh boys..... on to the next!


Fizzgig said...

beautiful wedding, and I love those props!!

wedding guy, ehhh, not fun when you are the target, but hilarious to read about happening to someone else!!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, drunken wedding hookup attempts... Was he an actual crasher, or a renegade guest? And how is everyone you know so gosh-darn attractive?

Katelin said...

haha oh drunken wedding guests, my goodness.

love that wedding program though, so pretty.