best kind of christmas party with a side of the browns

Another weekend down, another 30th birthday party attended and the close to Browns home games!

This year is literally the year of the big 3-0 and we all love a birthday celebration, don't we??? With mine one month away from today, the festivities are in the process of being planned, ideas pinned and the invite list has been sent out. Now, let's hope there's just not a blizzard to stop the dance party!

Friday night we controlled the music with the handy app of "MyTouchTunes" at the Firehouse Grille and Pub way east near Willoughby Hills. If you don't have this app, you MUST download it now because there is nothing better than booting songs out of the que so you can play Michael Bolton or Justin Beiber.

Katie on her 30th - a skull cake fit for her!

the best of Katie's past - glamour shot included!

four amigas established in 2001 at Kent State

After putting off most of my Christmas shopping, I made an extra large green smoothie to fuel a shopping excursion at the outlets (and get through all the crazy shoppers) to make it only a little late to one of the best un-xmas parties of the year.

Now, this isn't just any un-xmas party hosted by my friend Michelle - it's a party made up with people who somehow have equally sick senses of humor. The kinds of friends with whom you make up a game with a red solo cups called "fisting" but where it's actually more like "blading" because that's the shape of your hands as you toss the cups to each other. Then you break into songs where you replace key lyrics with "blades or blading" and you blame it all on the pudding shots and sparkling tequila shots.....

Alexa rocking the best new party game to hit Cleveland - blading

fun with signs (and yes we aren't 15)
After having two late nights in a row, I really (swear I did) had high hopes of staying in for the afternoon, watching the game with my brother at his friend's house and maybe even wrapping some Christmas presents. Well, that's before Tabitha and I decided it was a great idea to "tailgate" from the Barley House with friends and before we thought fireball shots were a great idea and even before Christmas ale was magically delivered to our table....

extra points if you can spot the natty light!

somewhere in the first quarter....

Sometimes you need to say "peace out responsibilities and to-do lists" and spend time with your brother, his and your friends and have an impromptu dance party in Dive Bar, wearing only slightly more clothes in December than you did for opening day in early September because it was a record high of 57 and sunny all day.

And with that, the home Browns games are finished so we can go back to regularly scheduled Sunday brunches and Christmas is only ONE WEEK away.

2012 you were undeniably amazing but where the hell did all the time go?


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Love that cake!!!
Sorry I missed you and the great party on Saturday - looks like a blast! That sparkling tequila is so yummy.

Fizzgig said...

that cake is sweet! I think fisting may be the next party craze, it sounds like a blast! You come up with the best ideas when you are drinking!

Blog- The New Black said...

That cake is gorg!! I love a good n fancy cake ;) It looks like your friend had a great party!

Anonymous said...

you are my friend are all kinds of fun, cannot wait to cause trouble with you again ;)

Rachel said...

I'm beyond jealous of your awesome weekend. I would totally trade weekends with you! Sounds like a blast.

LWLH said...

I freakin' love her cake!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Your friend's skull cake is bad ass! I love it! See you soon!

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