the one where it still doesn't feel like December

Remember when you kicked off your weekends on Thursday night back in college? My friends and I chose to kick off our weekend the same way with dinner and drinks at Bac in Tremont because we were all the mood for Pho. It was a mix of a little pre-holiday gathering and just simply getting together where we were the loudest table in the restaurant. Of course. Always.

sake bombs; dirty girl scout pudding shots at our favorite dive bar

In the winter, there's nothing more than I love than noodles, dim sum or pad thai and I have literally eaten Pho a handful of times the last two weeks because nothing cures a sickness like a good bowl of pho in my book.

This weekend also started my annual holiday baking with my lovely aunts who are masters in the kitchen. Absolute masters when it comes to recreating something one of them saw in Martha Stewart magazine or seeing on TV. Although I have to admit that it was a bit weird to have the door open to let in "cool" air because it wasn't freezing out.

just using a 70s style christmas tree cookie mechanism like a pro!
Can I bake? Of course I can!

Do I always want to? Nope. Only on special occassions where I have some serious help from the experts. Obviously the goal is for people to actually eat the cookies.....

But what I absolutely love about the whole afternoon is that you can clearly tell by how large the cookies come out which ones I made and by the sheer amount of toppings versus how my aunts delicately decorate each one. I just simply throw around the sprinkles on each little tree or scoop a generous teaspoon from the bowl while we chatted and I entertained them with what has been happing in my life for the past few months.

snow balls pre and post baking and my favorite chocolate drop cookies

Later that night, we took our talents to the Q arena where we cheered on the Cavs to what we were hoping was a victory but not this time around. Next time! Somehow it was the first Cavs game of the season for all the girls so I will need to make sure to make it to more this season.

Total vampire eye photo of the group and a big thank you to Matt and Jeff for invite!

On Sunday, my friends and I had high hopes of actually getting up and going to the Browns game but we decided against standing in the rain to watch the game and stayed dry, watching the win from a few blocks away and wrapped up the weekend with burgers and beers at Buckeye Beer Engine.

burgers, onion rings, strongbow, blonde ales - finish out the weekend healthy!


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

I have to bake my first batch of cookies ever this week (sadly, I'm not exaggerating) - we'll see how they turn out, but I doubt they'll be as nice looking as the trays upon trays of cookies in the pictures.

Where do you get one of those machines to make those Christmas tree cookies - never seen one of those before!

Katelin said...

love the baking bonanza, that'll be me this weekend,ha.

Heather said...

I remember my mom having that same Christmas tree cookie contraption. I wonder if she still has it.....
And you definitely bake in style - I love it! I'm usually in sweatpants and a huge tshirt. :)

Fizzgig said...

i love holiday baking! my small kitchen has stopped me the past few years, but this year, i am teaming up with my Mom to make some collosal cookies!!

p.s. your pics made me very hungry.

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