because you know resolutions just don't work.

It's been seven days into the new year and I'm sure most of us have fallen off whatever lofty wagon we put ourselves on for our 2013 goals.

You can't log online without seeing RESOLUTIONS in all caps on or your Facebook newsfeed to see people talking about their failed  attempts at their resolutions on day 7. And gyms? You walk into your gym or yoga studio or even the local Whole Foods and notice the very full spaces, bustling with many more people than you remember from a week ago trying to keep to those resolutions.

Instead of making ridiculous resolutions that we can all admit we will not keep (or maybe that's just me), my friends and I came up with writing a list of intentions versus resolutions on one of our many leisurely lunches while in Chicago.

Quite frankly, intentions feel less rigid and more attainable versus beating yourself up when you eat too many Swedish fish on a random Sunday watching football with your brother and his friends or have one too many dirty martinis instead of glass of antioxidant filled petit sirah at a Thursday happy hour.

So, while we were enjoying a very unhealthy meal of bacon cheddar burgers with onion rings in Chicago, my friends and I got down to business and wrote out a few our own intentions and since last week, I added a few more of my own.

  • Continue to attend hot yoga once a week. Preferably on Saturdays because it gets me up early and I get to downward dog it with CLEshopaholic
  • Get to my goal weight that I set two months back for myself. Almost there...
  • Make a realistic health regime - yoga, trainer once a week, planning meals, allowing myself to cheat.
  • Crossword puzzles, sudoku or any kind of brain teasers to improve my memory
  • Be more forgiving of myself and others (a girl needs her chocolate and you never know what the other person has going on in their lives)
  • Write more - in my journal and here
  • Navigating myself through sticking to a budget for upcoming trips
  • Drinking more green tea, watching all of the
  • Head to France in the fall for one hell of an adventure, along with Nashville, Vegas, and a tropical vacation thrown in there if I can stick to my savings plan
Did you create any resolutions or write intentions for this upcoming week, month or year?

Editor's note: I'm sticking this sucker on my refrigerator or taped up in my bathroom mirror so I see it every day and can't forget about it. Daily reminders... it's all about the daily reminders and for those of you who are fans of Gabrielle Bernstein, try downloading her Spirit Junkie alarm clock app.


lzone said...

Resolutions: don't eat like an asshole (95% good last week); travel more (already booked trips to Nashville & Chicago); go to church more (it didn't burn down when I went yesterday); marry your brother. I could use your help on the last one.

OBM.cle said...

ha. my post is eerily similar today. good luck with all of your intentions!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I posted a similar post today. I have one major goal for the year and of course all of the above pretty much that you have!

TaraMetBlog said...

good luck! yoga is on my list this year too and I always drink green tea, I'm obsessed.

Fizzgig said...

i love writing more! i have journaled since I was 10 and the past year and a half I fell off the wagon. I always love to look back on my years via my writings and I couldn't do that this year! You've inspired me!

Katelin said...

love these. i made realistic goals this year too and really hope i can just stick to them.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I love this! Intentions sound way better than resolutions. And I love that you posted them. I have mine on my phone and will be posting them too.

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