From 1 to 31

Ahhh the weekend.

You came and went so fast.

This weekend was the last one in my 20s as I approach my birthday this week. The LAST ONE! So how did I prepare for my upcoming celebration?

After waiting patiently for 15 months, everything finally fell into place when my dream apartment #2 opened up in my building. Every time someone came to my previous apartment, I would point them to look down and always say, "My goal is to get myself into one of those next year," because there was outdoor living space. Read - a big ass space that I needed.

How clutch is patio space in the middle of the city? It's absolutely priceless for me and you rarely come across something this size and was well worth moving Friday evening and Saturday morning down a floor with the help of my brother and his friend.

Patio = sun time, lounging while reading, writing on a Sunday evening, sipping evening cocktails with friends, tiki torch party, cookouts, maybe even adding a blow up pool for those hot summer days. I mean... really the opportunities are absolutely endless at this point.

naked patio
My friends pointed out that the above photo is a bit depressing - just a sad, lonely and blank piece of concrete - but I have so many party and decoration ideas already working around in my brain and can't wait until Spring. I'm talking about real spring... not the random 58 degree Saturday we experienced in Cleveland. After posting this boring patio shot on Instagram, I have my first party planned out post St. Patrick's Day of course. I bring you - Spring Champong 2013 - beer pong with champagne says the Jenn and Jen. Sounds like the most amazing idea ever, right?!

Sunday was a celebration of firsts - a first birthday for baby Brooklyn and a 31st birthday Sunday Funday for Sean. One was filled with pink cakes, candy and tutus and one was not.

BFFs and parents to BKE; BKE not loving her smash cake; presents galore

Just an extravagant candy table for an adorable; cakes galore;  BKE being a ballerina

After leaving what I hope to properly explain to Brooklyn one day as one of the most over the top parties I've ever attended, I headed to a little bit more of an adult party for the one and only Sean. Last year, he threw one hell of a nautical themed party and I'm such a great friend I didn't take a single picture of my friend rocking the ever chic double vneck with a cardigan. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday Funday to ring in your 31st birthday!


Jen @ Why CLE? said...

Patio space is key! Enjoying settling into the new digs.

JAMinCLE said...

Champong sounds like one of the most fabulous/dangerous ideas, ever. Congrats on the new digs. What a great way to ring in your birthday and new year!!! Let the good times roll, sister!

cleshopaholic said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! St. Patty's Champong!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Congrats on the new place! That is a damn fine lookin patio.

Anonymous said...

Confessions of a Brag-aholic.

Anonymous said...


CLEshopaholic said...

Anonymous, you are such a wet blanket.

Jenn Vojta said...

We're going to champong all night long!

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