hot tubs and cameras don't mix

One day I swear I will learn to not bring my digital devices near water and after this weekend, I may be one step closer to finally learning this lesson after my relatively new camera went for a deep dive into the hot tub in the Snowshoe house.

For the second year, friends and I met in Snowshoe, West Virginia, for a ski weekend where we combined friends from D.C. to Cleveland to Richmond to ski, relax and just enjoy a weekend free of TV and most technology. Reception is scarce in this city!

CLE magazine welcome upon entering; room assignments; Breezy posing

Dorian and Gretchen, the hostess; college keg stands; the photo that killed my camera
After a few dance parties with props, bottles of wine and cases of beer later, it was Saturday morning and we slowly pulled ourselves together to make it up the mountain for lunch, skiing and some snow tubing. I swore that if I didn't ski in Park City, I'd start in Snowshoe but instead I decided against that and decided to go adult sledding - sometimes by myself and sometimes connected to others.

Fabulous views; rocking the tube solo and with friends
Saturday night we recovered with naps and a late dinner together and couldn't quite recreate the epic dance party we did last year to celebrate Whitney Houston's life. Instead we played a little Rick Ross, let our friend rap it out and played endless amounts of card games and rounds of beer pong.

snowed in and drinking games galore

After the quick weekend getaway, it's back to reality and I'm already thinking another needs to be planned because the next one isn't until May in Nashville. Spring in Nashville? Yes please! The warm weather can't come soon enough. Let the daylight savings countdown begin!


alexa @ cleveland's a plum said...

are you wearing a scarf in the hot tub?!? oh, peltz :)

CLEshopaholic said...

Alexa, I was about to ask the exact same thing! LOL

Katelin said...

looks like a fabulous getaway. and like alexa said, a scarf in the hot tub? love it, ha.

Anonymous said...

2nd from left- nice tata's!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm not a skiier so I would be at the chalet lounging :)

Alana said...

i love how much you travel - makes me jealz!

Fizzgig said...

what a fun getaway!! looks like so much fun!!

I wish i wasn't such a chicken so I could ski..but I can drink, so maybe I should organize a ski trip where I'm the drunken tour guide?

angel gonzales said...

The pictures did show us that you definitely had fun! I totally agree it was a fun getaway!

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