the one where I look like Carly Rae Jespen

I never thought I'd end up in a magazine.

I never thought my friends (yes, more than one) would enter me into being in the magazine.

I never thought I'd end up in a magazine for being single.

If you live in Cleveland and happen to receive Cleveland magazine, you can see my bedroom eyes smizing face (I'm looking at your Tyra!) on page 66 with a short interview about why I'm single, my favorite local drinking spots, my very evident hair twirling hair problem and my ideal vacation spot with 20 friends in the Outer Banks. For more of my PC answers, read the full interview here.

Call me maybe?
What they didn't get to write about was the photo shoot which took place on a snowy Friday morning. Let's just say that I debated on my outfit over email, text and Heytell with several friends because while I was never planning on wearing a formal gown, I was conscious that this article would likely come up high in search engines for years to come and didn't want a horrendous outfit to haunt me for the rest of my life. I chose a simple blush sheer shirt with a chunky statement necklace with clear jewels.

After arriving early and starving, Downie photography had donuts for the singles so I eagerly grabbed one and tried not to get frosting on my lips as the make up artist was applying a thick layer of lipgloss. Why not, right?

So after about 10 minutes of shooting and hearing, "I think we got it already," I laid eyes on the silver sequin backdrop and blurted out, "Ohmyfreakinggod, can we please shoot in front of that?!?," while I shared that I almost wore a silver sequin t-shirt to the shoot because you can never have too many sequins....

Jeff (one of the coolest photographers who made me feel completely comfortable) warned me, "Be careful on the curtain when you jump, it's a bit slippery, especially in heels like those," as I carefully strutted to the area in four inch leopard heels.

"Ummmmm are we sure this whole jumping thing is a good idea?," I nervously asked all while trying to act like I was going to leap with utter grace in four inch heels while naturally smiling at the camera.

"Yep, just be careful," said Jeff again.

Let's just say my "graceful" model-like leap almost turned into me falling completely on my face after just meeting the Cleveland magazine editors and photographers. Luckily, I caught myself with my hands before my face hit the ground and decided to leave the jumping in heels to the likes of Gisele and the rest of the Victoria's Secret models.
With Jeff Downie; scene of the accident - silver sequin backdrop; Polaroids of other singles

Since the magazine has been out, the number question I get is.... Have you had any dates from the article?

The answer is a resounding NO!!!! No dates from this article, but I did receive three emails before I vowed to stop checking the address that was kindly set up for me by the editors. I received an email from two friends writing humorous emails and then there was the one sent from a local Cleveland sex crimes detective.  He sent a short and simple email with something to the effect of "if only I were single still."

To avoid getting creeped out in the future, I stopped checking the email address because here is my theory - if you are even remotely going to be a qualified date, I'm going to say that you will use Google and find me on another major social network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and contact me that way. Am I right?

P.S. Check out page 69 for my gorgeous and single friend Jenny Chalk who loves leopard print, karaoke and can often be found with me on Thursday night at trivia at Edison's Pub.

Taking applications for my dear friend Jenny!

dancing the night away at Playhouse Square

It's been over 24 hours and my feet are still throbbing a little from all the dancing from Saturday night. Between Jump Back Ball and old school hip hop at Touch, my hips, J.Lo and feet need a break from high heels (and you know how hard this is for me) and a massage. Desperately. Like this week.

Saturday's annual Jump Back Ball marked my third time in attendance with each time getting a little bit better with choosing better dress choices, the committee selecting awesome bands and even my choice in drink. (I have finally learned to stick to just one drink for the entire night.)

It takes a village to get ready people; with Danielle, hair and makeup extraordinaire at Headquarters Salon

JBB party time with Christina; sequins and feathers on me; no event can happen w/out the sponsors

There are a few reasons why I love attending the Jump Back Ball but one of them is because it's a festive winter event to get everyone out of the house and out on town all dressed up. It's a small reminder that when Jump Back ends, spring is literally (hopefully) right around the corner in a few weeks. Or we can at least hope and pray and do sun dances to get warmer temperatures by April!

A little self lighting; party in the bathroom; Velvet Shake rocking out; first timers to JBB

Carrie in cobalt blue; spin the wheel at your leisure; my favorite board game brought to life

the one and only group photo demanded by Carrie

From the food to the ice sculptures to the props, the committee behind JBB can take a breather because it was truly another perfectly pulled off event. Having volunteered before for shop nights where the decorations and props are brainstormed and constructed, the people behind this event work day in and day out up to Saturday to make this happen so seamlessly so props to all of you for volunteering your time each year.

So. Is it Spring yet?

Nothing like running shirtless for charity

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I am likely coming down with a serious cold again because I thought it was a great idea to run shirtless for charity on Saturday with a few hundred other people.

A group of my friends and I signed up to run in the first Cupid's Undie Run on Valentine's day weekend.

Ever heard of it? Me neither but a friend who works for the Cavs brought to my attention and at the time, it sounded like an awesome idea until we had to take our clothes off and actually run a mile. In 25 degrees. With flurries flying.

As described from the site, it's "a fundraiser, a party and a mile-ish in your bedroom best" to support the Children's Tumor Foundation.

dueling cupids; firefighters galore; 55-year-old runners; inside view of the tent

The party started around noon with everyone gathering in a tent to drink, dance and even get waxed if needed on stage and do a Cleveland/cupid's version of the Harlem shake (not captured on video) before we stripped down to run through the streets of Tremont.

Dena, me, Erin and Gina post run; Erin freezing; cupid making the run that much more fun; runners

To say it was freezing is an understatement as I couldn't feel my hands and arms at least for a good hour after the 8 minute run. It was beyonddddddddd freezing even with my leggings and Lululemon vinyasa scarf and as you can see, guys were running in just briefs and girls in bras and underwear. (I seriously couldn't imagine that.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to buy stock in Kiehl's Creme de Corps to soothe my windburned skin.

hot tubs and cameras don't mix

One day I swear I will learn to not bring my digital devices near water and after this weekend, I may be one step closer to finally learning this lesson after my relatively new camera went for a deep dive into the hot tub in the Snowshoe house.

For the second year, friends and I met in Snowshoe, West Virginia, for a ski weekend where we combined friends from D.C. to Cleveland to Richmond to ski, relax and just enjoy a weekend free of TV and most technology. Reception is scarce in this city!

CLE magazine welcome upon entering; room assignments; Breezy posing

Dorian and Gretchen, the hostess; college keg stands; the photo that killed my camera
After a few dance parties with props, bottles of wine and cases of beer later, it was Saturday morning and we slowly pulled ourselves together to make it up the mountain for lunch, skiing and some snow tubing. I swore that if I didn't ski in Park City, I'd start in Snowshoe but instead I decided against that and decided to go adult sledding - sometimes by myself and sometimes connected to others.

Fabulous views; rocking the tube solo and with friends
Saturday night we recovered with naps and a late dinner together and couldn't quite recreate the epic dance party we did last year to celebrate Whitney Houston's life. Instead we played a little Rick Ross, let our friend rap it out and played endless amounts of card games and rounds of beer pong.

snowed in and drinking games galore

After the quick weekend getaway, it's back to reality and I'm already thinking another needs to be planned because the next one isn't until May in Nashville. Spring in Nashville? Yes please! The warm weather can't come soon enough. Let the daylight savings countdown begin!

There's no sleep at Sundance part II

Sundance seems like it was years ago but in reality I got back to Cleveland a week ago after spending a week in Park City. I couldn't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I could walk up a flight of stairs without being utterly out of breath. Or wake up and be able to breathe through my nose without taking a hot shower . Even after a week, the dry air was brutal but we ended up getting used it and making jokes that we all carried around boxes of Kleenex with us at all times. 

So, are you wondering about the movies? Because I was working for the whole trip, we either got up early for morning screenings or attended the midnight showings where I only dozed off for a few minutes in Big Sur. (The whole wave crashing put me to bed for a few minutes.) We were also able to attend the closing movie and awards ceremony because of our client as well. Hello, Ashton up close and personal!

A peek inside the Eccles Theatre

Big Sur – We saw a midnight screening of this on my first day. I wasn’t adjusted to the time and running on adrenaline to stay up for it. The movie is narrated by Kerouac’s character and from what I know about his writing, it was EXACTLY like it with the stream of consciousness talking and depicted his “relationship” with his friend’s mistress played by Kate Bosworth.

In the Eccles Theatre tent waiting for our first movie to start

A.C.O.D - Please oh please I hope this gets picked up. Adam Scott plays the A.C.O.D. who is the go-between his tumultuous parents’ relationship and tries to get them together to attend his younger brother’s wedding. Scott was hysterical and the parents played excellent supporting roles with the younger brother and Jane Lynch coming in next. Alba is in it for a whole four scenes as another ACOD and I didn't understand why she was made such a "big deal." You blinked and you missed her!

jOBS – This movie closed the festival and I was super hyped to see it because of the genius that Steve Jobs was. Maybe it was too close after this death or maybe they should’ve waited a bit longer -whatever you think based on the reviews you read- but I did enjoy it. At times, I forgot it was Ashton acting – his walk was pretty spot on and lost weight to play the role but even with the walk down pat sometimes I couldn't shake seeing Ashton and all his Kelso hotness. The movie starts with Steve in his young 20s and shows how he and friends built up Apple in his parents' garage all the way through when he came back to Apple to run it again.

The Egyptian Theater downtown Park City

Fruitvale – This movie won the Grand Jury award and after seeing it, I completely understand why – it was heart wrenching, insightful and based on the death of Oscar Grant who was shot in cold blood at a BART Station on New Years Day 2009. Having not seen it until after the awards ceremony, the cast was literally jumping up and down and yelling with such excitement when it was awarded the audience and Grand Jury awards at the ceremony. It was directed and written by first-time film maker from the Bay area, Ryan Coogler. Warning - tear jerker #1.

Blood Brother – We saw this right before we saw Fruitvale so it as emotional day of movie watching to say the least. Blood Brother won the Jury award for U.S. Documentary and chronicled Rocky through this life in Chenni, India ,where he worked at an orphanage for women and children with HIV. He was originally from Geneva-on-the-Lake but moved to Pittsburgh in middle school. The movie was produced and directed by his best friend who narrated the film as we watched Rocky in his life in India – care for the sick children, meet with the locals and ultimately marry an Indian woman. Warning - tear jerker #2.

Lovelace –  I was super excited to see Lovelace because I have heard about it since Lindsay Lohan got kicked out of the lead role a few years back. You meet Linda in her early 20s when she first meets Chuck (her first ex-husband) who pushes her into prostitution and ultimately the movie, “Deep Throat.” Even though the directors shared they received a call from Harvey Weinstein immediately after the premiere that it was bought, we had heard rumblings that key parts were left out of the movie about Linda like her drug use and the other porn films she did before and after Deep Throat. It painted her in much more innocent role and almost as if she wasn’t as involved in the porn industry as she was from the excerpts we read from her autobiography after seeing the movie. Still, it's definitely worth seeing when it comes out and she has quite the interesting encounter with Hefner.

Outside the Marc Theater after seeing Before Midnight

Before Midnight – This was the last of the trilogy with the first movie opening Sundance 18 years ago with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. It was set in Greece and followed the couple through their current relationship state which involved if they should or shouldn’t consider moving to back to the U.S. The writing was phenomenal between the couple – their dialogue was funny, honest, ridiculous, critical and even dramatic at times and I swear I had the exact same ridiculous arguments with my past boyfriends. Why do we women say this stuff?!?
As I flip through photos of Park City, the slopes and the theaters, I can't wait to go back next year where you literally live in leggings, Sorel boots, bulky sweaters, scarves, fingerless gloves and a Northface coat. It was quite possibly the most comfortable week ever because everyone from the celebrities to the directors all are so low key the whole week.
Sorel boots and Lululemon Wunder Unders are a must.
With the Cleveland Film Festival approaching in mid April, I hope a few of the movies I missed will also come to Cleveland like Sound City with Dave Grohl.  Now if only if CIFF would release the upcoming films.......

no amount of snow can keep me indoors

Let's be honest - the weekend was owned by the Super Bowl and I couldn't wait to head to my friend's house to catch up with her after my whirlwind trip to Park City the week before. I literally hadn't talked to any of my friends post birthday celebration so we had a lot to catch up on over cupcakes, artichoke dip and pieces of pizza. Endless pizza to be honest. Why not, right?

Leading up to Sunday, I spent the snowy weekend with some friends at my first Mix event at the Cleveland Musuem of Art where I admired the atrium for the first time, danced around to the fabulous DJ and checked out Gallery One and wall of wonderness. If you haven't visited the museum, I highly recommend you spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Gallery One to play with the interactive wall and stroll through the atrium as well as the other galleries.

Atrium view

Interactive wall in Gallery One
After our Mix event, we headed to Luxe for a late dinner and were surprised with new menu and a very energetic server - there were so many delicious choices, it took our group way longer to decide than normal. Short ribs, house made burrata, short rib grilled cheese, diver scallops and even pomegranate braised duck. can't make a quick decision either!

New menu, new smoky bourbon cocktails

If you were in Cleveland, you know it was a mess trying to get around because it snowed all day. Add in the fact that people forget how to drive in the snow and you have a huge mess! I ventured out in the snow to two local neighborhoods - Tremont and Ohio City - to meet up with friends which turned into a late night concert in my apartment to such 90s hits as "I want it that way" and "tearin' up my heart." For the record, it wasn't only the ladies doing the singing this time or requesting the music!

On Sunday, I had to watch the Super Bowl for two reasons - Beyonce and the ads.

Man cave on steroids

At my watch party, I had quite set up going with all my friends confused as to why I had to take notes on my computer and live tweet with Tweetdeck in front of me during the game. Anyway, there were at least 4 children under the age of 1 upstairs so I decided to hang out in the pimped out man cave where I could 1) hear myself think and 2) not hear about what happens to your uterus at some stage of pregnancy....

Erin with her square game; game day cupcakes and the cutest 1-year-old

With Katie and super pumped to watch Beyonce
After all the nonsense about Beyonce using a backing track for the national anthem, I couldn't wait to watch Beyonce strut the stage like it was a runway and sing along to "Crazy in Love" and "Single Ladies" with my friend amongst all the boys in the room. (They acted like they didn't like but I know they did more than the sexy Calvin Klein commercial....)

And with the release of her concert dates, it looks like I'm in store for a summer concert road trip to Chicago. For sure. This IS happening!