no amount of snow can keep me indoors

Let's be honest - the weekend was owned by the Super Bowl and I couldn't wait to head to my friend's house to catch up with her after my whirlwind trip to Park City the week before. I literally hadn't talked to any of my friends post birthday celebration so we had a lot to catch up on over cupcakes, artichoke dip and pieces of pizza. Endless pizza to be honest. Why not, right?

Leading up to Sunday, I spent the snowy weekend with some friends at my first Mix event at the Cleveland Musuem of Art where I admired the atrium for the first time, danced around to the fabulous DJ and checked out Gallery One and wall of wonderness. If you haven't visited the museum, I highly recommend you spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Gallery One to play with the interactive wall and stroll through the atrium as well as the other galleries.

Atrium view

Interactive wall in Gallery One
After our Mix event, we headed to Luxe for a late dinner and were surprised with new menu and a very energetic server - there were so many delicious choices, it took our group way longer to decide than normal. Short ribs, house made burrata, short rib grilled cheese, diver scallops and even pomegranate braised duck. can't make a quick decision either!

New menu, new smoky bourbon cocktails

If you were in Cleveland, you know it was a mess trying to get around because it snowed all day. Add in the fact that people forget how to drive in the snow and you have a huge mess! I ventured out in the snow to two local neighborhoods - Tremont and Ohio City - to meet up with friends which turned into a late night concert in my apartment to such 90s hits as "I want it that way" and "tearin' up my heart." For the record, it wasn't only the ladies doing the singing this time or requesting the music!

On Sunday, I had to watch the Super Bowl for two reasons - Beyonce and the ads.

Man cave on steroids

At my watch party, I had quite set up going with all my friends confused as to why I had to take notes on my computer and live tweet with Tweetdeck in front of me during the game. Anyway, there were at least 4 children under the age of 1 upstairs so I decided to hang out in the pimped out man cave where I could 1) hear myself think and 2) not hear about what happens to your uterus at some stage of pregnancy....

Erin with her square game; game day cupcakes and the cutest 1-year-old

With Katie and super pumped to watch Beyonce
After all the nonsense about Beyonce using a backing track for the national anthem, I couldn't wait to watch Beyonce strut the stage like it was a runway and sing along to "Crazy in Love" and "Single Ladies" with my friend amongst all the boys in the room. (They acted like they didn't like but I know they did more than the sexy Calvin Klein commercial....)

And with the release of her concert dates, it looks like I'm in store for a summer concert road trip to Chicago. For sure. This IS happening!


Heather said...

Beyonce looked (and sounded) AMAZING!