the one where I look like Carly Rae Jespen

I never thought I'd end up in a magazine.

I never thought my friends (yes, more than one) would enter me into being in the magazine.

I never thought I'd end up in a magazine for being single.

If you live in Cleveland and happen to receive Cleveland magazine, you can see my bedroom eyes smizing face (I'm looking at your Tyra!) on page 66 with a short interview about why I'm single, my favorite local drinking spots, my very evident hair twirling hair problem and my ideal vacation spot with 20 friends in the Outer Banks. For more of my PC answers, read the full interview here.

Call me maybe?
What they didn't get to write about was the photo shoot which took place on a snowy Friday morning. Let's just say that I debated on my outfit over email, text and Heytell with several friends because while I was never planning on wearing a formal gown, I was conscious that this article would likely come up high in search engines for years to come and didn't want a horrendous outfit to haunt me for the rest of my life. I chose a simple blush sheer shirt with a chunky statement necklace with clear jewels.

After arriving early and starving, Downie photography had donuts for the singles so I eagerly grabbed one and tried not to get frosting on my lips as the make up artist was applying a thick layer of lipgloss. Why not, right?

So after about 10 minutes of shooting and hearing, "I think we got it already," I laid eyes on the silver sequin backdrop and blurted out, "Ohmyfreakinggod, can we please shoot in front of that?!?," while I shared that I almost wore a silver sequin t-shirt to the shoot because you can never have too many sequins....

Jeff (one of the coolest photographers who made me feel completely comfortable) warned me, "Be careful on the curtain when you jump, it's a bit slippery, especially in heels like those," as I carefully strutted to the area in four inch leopard heels.

"Ummmmm are we sure this whole jumping thing is a good idea?," I nervously asked all while trying to act like I was going to leap with utter grace in four inch heels while naturally smiling at the camera.

"Yep, just be careful," said Jeff again.

Let's just say my "graceful" model-like leap almost turned into me falling completely on my face after just meeting the Cleveland magazine editors and photographers. Luckily, I caught myself with my hands before my face hit the ground and decided to leave the jumping in heels to the likes of Gisele and the rest of the Victoria's Secret models.
With Jeff Downie; scene of the accident - silver sequin backdrop; Polaroids of other singles

Since the magazine has been out, the number question I get is.... Have you had any dates from the article?

The answer is a resounding NO!!!! No dates from this article, but I did receive three emails before I vowed to stop checking the address that was kindly set up for me by the editors. I received an email from two friends writing humorous emails and then there was the one sent from a local Cleveland sex crimes detective.  He sent a short and simple email with something to the effect of "if only I were single still."

To avoid getting creeped out in the future, I stopped checking the email address because here is my theory - if you are even remotely going to be a qualified date, I'm going to say that you will use Google and find me on another major social network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and contact me that way. Am I right?

P.S. Check out page 69 for my gorgeous and single friend Jenny Chalk who loves leopard print, karaoke and can often be found with me on Thursday night at trivia at Edison's Pub.

Taking applications for my dear friend Jenny!


JAMinCLE said...

You look FAB!!!! And I totally made sure to read your stats when I go the latest issue. Thanks for the behind the scenes account--sparkle, glitter, and sequins are ALWAYS a bonus!

PS... Sex crime detective? Ohhhh dear Lawd!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

Major congrats! I know it's a bit silly but still very cool :). I saw your interview in there, it was adorable.

Fizzgig said...

what a great pic, you are totally famous!! p.s. your friends sound awesome!

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