There's no sleep at Sundance part II

Sundance seems like it was years ago but in reality I got back to Cleveland a week ago after spending a week in Park City. I couldn't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I could walk up a flight of stairs without being utterly out of breath. Or wake up and be able to breathe through my nose without taking a hot shower . Even after a week, the dry air was brutal but we ended up getting used it and making jokes that we all carried around boxes of Kleenex with us at all times. 

So, are you wondering about the movies? Because I was working for the whole trip, we either got up early for morning screenings or attended the midnight showings where I only dozed off for a few minutes in Big Sur. (The whole wave crashing put me to bed for a few minutes.) We were also able to attend the closing movie and awards ceremony because of our client as well. Hello, Ashton up close and personal!

A peek inside the Eccles Theatre

Big Sur – We saw a midnight screening of this on my first day. I wasn’t adjusted to the time and running on adrenaline to stay up for it. The movie is narrated by Kerouac’s character and from what I know about his writing, it was EXACTLY like it with the stream of consciousness talking and depicted his “relationship” with his friend’s mistress played by Kate Bosworth.

In the Eccles Theatre tent waiting for our first movie to start

A.C.O.D - Please oh please I hope this gets picked up. Adam Scott plays the A.C.O.D. who is the go-between his tumultuous parents’ relationship and tries to get them together to attend his younger brother’s wedding. Scott was hysterical and the parents played excellent supporting roles with the younger brother and Jane Lynch coming in next. Alba is in it for a whole four scenes as another ACOD and I didn't understand why she was made such a "big deal." You blinked and you missed her!

jOBS – This movie closed the festival and I was super hyped to see it because of the genius that Steve Jobs was. Maybe it was too close after this death or maybe they should’ve waited a bit longer -whatever you think based on the reviews you read- but I did enjoy it. At times, I forgot it was Ashton acting – his walk was pretty spot on and lost weight to play the role but even with the walk down pat sometimes I couldn't shake seeing Ashton and all his Kelso hotness. The movie starts with Steve in his young 20s and shows how he and friends built up Apple in his parents' garage all the way through when he came back to Apple to run it again.

The Egyptian Theater downtown Park City

Fruitvale – This movie won the Grand Jury award and after seeing it, I completely understand why – it was heart wrenching, insightful and based on the death of Oscar Grant who was shot in cold blood at a BART Station on New Years Day 2009. Having not seen it until after the awards ceremony, the cast was literally jumping up and down and yelling with such excitement when it was awarded the audience and Grand Jury awards at the ceremony. It was directed and written by first-time film maker from the Bay area, Ryan Coogler. Warning - tear jerker #1.

Blood Brother – We saw this right before we saw Fruitvale so it as emotional day of movie watching to say the least. Blood Brother won the Jury award for U.S. Documentary and chronicled Rocky through this life in Chenni, India ,where he worked at an orphanage for women and children with HIV. He was originally from Geneva-on-the-Lake but moved to Pittsburgh in middle school. The movie was produced and directed by his best friend who narrated the film as we watched Rocky in his life in India – care for the sick children, meet with the locals and ultimately marry an Indian woman. Warning - tear jerker #2.

Lovelace –  I was super excited to see Lovelace because I have heard about it since Lindsay Lohan got kicked out of the lead role a few years back. You meet Linda in her early 20s when she first meets Chuck (her first ex-husband) who pushes her into prostitution and ultimately the movie, “Deep Throat.” Even though the directors shared they received a call from Harvey Weinstein immediately after the premiere that it was bought, we had heard rumblings that key parts were left out of the movie about Linda like her drug use and the other porn films she did before and after Deep Throat. It painted her in much more innocent role and almost as if she wasn’t as involved in the porn industry as she was from the excerpts we read from her autobiography after seeing the movie. Still, it's definitely worth seeing when it comes out and she has quite the interesting encounter with Hefner.

Outside the Marc Theater after seeing Before Midnight

Before Midnight – This was the last of the trilogy with the first movie opening Sundance 18 years ago with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. It was set in Greece and followed the couple through their current relationship state which involved if they should or shouldn’t consider moving to back to the U.S. The writing was phenomenal between the couple – their dialogue was funny, honest, ridiculous, critical and even dramatic at times and I swear I had the exact same ridiculous arguments with my past boyfriends. Why do we women say this stuff?!?
As I flip through photos of Park City, the slopes and the theaters, I can't wait to go back next year where you literally live in leggings, Sorel boots, bulky sweaters, scarves, fingerless gloves and a Northface coat. It was quite possibly the most comfortable week ever because everyone from the celebrities to the directors all are so low key the whole week.
Sorel boots and Lululemon Wunder Unders are a must.
With the Cleveland Film Festival approaching in mid April, I hope a few of the movies I missed will also come to Cleveland like Sound City with Dave Grohl.  Now if only if CIFF would release the upcoming films.......


Blog- The New Black said...

What a great trip! I love your recap of the films... hopefully some come to CIFF!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Do you attend the CIFF? I'm a nut about and can't wait! I hope some of your films pay us a visit too. Great trip!

OBM.cle said...

the amount of jealousy i have for this trip is infinite. seriously.

Katelin said...

oh great recaps, hope these movies get picked up, can't wait to see some of them!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Awesome recaps, I hope they get picked up!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

What an awesome experience! Anyway, any job that takes you places and lets you were lulu has to be amazing :).