spring cleaning my life

So we have spring cleaning our closets, kitchens and bathrooms so why not spend a weekend spring cleaning our lives? From top to bottom. From back to front. From closet to car.

On a daily basis, there are so many tasks that I push to the side or will get to "down the road" and pretty soon those little tasks pile up until I realize that no amount of stuffing it into my drawer will make it go away. It's there and needs to be completed.

I needed an excuse to tell myself to stay in this weekend and after my longggggg list of to do's kept growing that was blatantly staring at me every day on my refrigerator, I could only think of one thing that made sense. One thing I haven't done in months.

Stay in for the weekend.

And get my life organized.

My apartment. My closet. My bathroom. My bills. My taxes. My dry cleaning. My mail.

I needed to cross off to do's that ranged from filing taxes to cancelling cable and getting Apple TV to take in a few items to the dry cleaners that have been sitting in my room since Christmas. (Yes, I'm that bad at my dry cleaning and clearly some chores in general.)

My tasks - front and center

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to accomplish over two days, how much sleep I was able to catch cup on and how I even squeezed in an impromptu late lunch with my parents and a not-so-healthy pizza consumption at Angelo's with friends on Sunday.

Super Deluxe and BBQ chicken from Angelo's

While much of this weekend was about spring cleaning my life and maybe watching a little vampire porn in the form of the last Twilight installment, it was also about getting back on my workout regime and restarting my Saturday two-a-days.

Spring is coming which means the half marathon is a cool 75 days away and our goal is set at 2 hours. That goal isn't going to reach itself without some serious dedication to long runs on Saturday and probably not eating Angelo's until after the race. Good thing I got in my fix this weekend.

So how well did I do? I cut my list in half from what it was and knocking out the rest this week.

Will you be spring cleaning your house or life and how do you stay organized?


Blog- The New Black said...

I LOVE this idea! I also have a laundry list of to-do's that 'I'll get to', but never do. I finally cleaned my make up brushes this weekend and bought some new wall paint- it felt great. I'm going to try and stay in and Spring clean next weekend!

alexa @ cleveland's a plum said...

I need one of these weekends stat - STAT.

also, angelo's - yummmmmmmmmmmm

Cortney said...

I didn't get into my spring cleaning as I'd hoped this weekend. HOWEVER, I did do some LOOONG OVERDUE spring cleaning with my contacts in my phone! That sure felt good! Closets will be next weekend...

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

Great idea!

I stay organized through my Gmail calendar and lots of reminders/to-do lists. I need to spring clean my schedule. I've way overcommitted and overextended myself and need to cut it down to the stuff that truly ads value.

PS - Love Angelo's!

Melinda said...

Have you looked into if your apartment building does dry cleaning pickup? Ours on East 4th did! So easy: we drop off at the office and they deliver right to our apartment when done.

JAMinCLE said...

There are "personal days, PTO days, vacation days, sick days" at work... I propose... "adult spring cleaning days." I can certainly relate to this post too. When I squeeze in a day off from work--the LAST thing I want to do is file my taxes, dry cleaning, etc. But thanks for the inspiration :) I bought a bright & pretty flowered "To-Do List" and clipboard that I use for work. (Total nerd) But it makes me feel like a diva using it and making a big ol' check mark rather than my regular yellow notepad. For me--it's all about the visual. A big whiteboard calendar also helps me stay on track with visual reminders for work. Maybe adding a "To-Do List" on the frig at home will help keep me organized with personal tasks too!

Katelin said...

i have so many lists around our place and every time i cross something off i get oh so happy. reorganizing and downsizing is just the best form of therapy for me.