an apple a day

Monday marked two important milestones - attending my first Indians opening day and finding the best prop to pick up guys with at the bar.

view from Section 303

An apple, ladies.

A damn apple made more guys stop me than my J.Lo behind in leather leggings with my highest heels on.

A piece of fruit.

What you pick in the fall.

What put Snow White to sleep for god's sake.

Single girls - we have been missing out.  I have been missing out. Who knew that carrying a low-calorie snack in your purse could serve as such a conversation starter or sorts with the Indians home opener crowd.

I did one lap looking for my friends and counted five guys who stopped me to ask if they could bite my apple, ask me where they could get an apple or try to pry it from my hands.

Maybe it had something to do with it being 65 degrees or that I was clad in head to toe casual (and approachable as my friend pointed out) Indians gear or that these boys had likely been drinking for the past seven hours and were up for anything but however you slice it, I recommend trying out this tactic at your next happy hour, baseball game or girls' night out.

If you bring it, they will come ladies. They will come.

view of the Clevelander crowd; Lisa and Jen using her monocle to see better


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Well, it IS the forbidden fruit after all!

Stephanie said...

As long as it won't keep attractive single doctors away!

Fizzgig said...

hmmm...great tip. I'm using this next time I go out!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

haha, an apple eh? who would have thought! game days seem to be great days to pick up guys anyway - although i agree, i'm not sure if it doesn't have something to do with all the alcohol usually involved :)

lzone said...

Imagine if we put the monocle up to the apple. Mind. Blown.