eddie money meets the easter bunny

The city of Chicago blew in a friend this past weekend to celebrate the lovely Easter holiday but also brought to town one of our favorite performers - Eddie freaking Money.

I can't remember when my love of Eddie Money started but I'm going to say it was somewhere around my 2nd grade year where I likely begged my mom to blare whatever his latest single at the time was entirely too loudly. Last year, my friends and I went and made sure to scoop up tickets when we found he was coming back into town.

As seen from Euclid

As my friend Kelly so poignantly says, "you can't NOT be happy when you are listening to gangster rap" and I think the same applies when listening to Eddie Money. You can't be sad. Ever.

For Lissa's hometown return from the windy city, I hosted my friends before the concert with a few bottles of wine, my favorite Trader Joe's pizzas and a bottle of champagne to toast her return.

The concert was exactly what we expected - an epic dance party with strangers complete with Bud Light 40 ounces for all. Although I will say we weren't expecting the animosity from a few people as we moved toward the stage - calm down ladies! No need to throw down at the concert!

Group shot; Mel and Julie's dance moves

Eddie rocking out on stage; Kelly, Lissa and Mel; Eddie signed HIS shirt!; leather sandwich

Easter is one of those holidays that isn't as big of a production with my family anymore as we normally have switched up a party at a family member's house for a decadent brunch somewhere downtown Cleveland.

Earlier in the month I get a text from my mom, "Easter at Aunt Renee's at 3 p.m. Dad is making lamb," and I couldn't have been happier with the change in holiday plans.

kitchen prep; dining area; my mom and I in matching outfits (completely unplanned); my Dad, the chef

It was a laid back afternoon of a delicious early dinner, reminiscing about past family Outer Banks vacations (involving broken ankles and hospital visits) and watching a little tournament action with the boys because I am sooooo winning my bracket.

Now....what prank to pull off on this April Fools' day......


Fizzgig said...

how could you ever go wrong with canned beer, and Eddie Money? You just can't! sounds like a blast!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I love that you guys went to Eddie Money and that you love him, in a serious sense. Looks like so much fun!