lift, tone and burn (in that order)

"A little inch, just a little inch," are words that inflict pain to my lower half during barre class every single time I go from either Jo Jo or Lori, instructors at the Purre Barre Westlake. Who knew a "little inch" could burn so much!

When the Westlake studio first opened in February, I was lucky enough to win a week from a Facebook contest they held on their page prior to opening because I was dying to try this "ballet" craze I had been reading about online.

I'm up for a fitness challenge. I should say I'm up to try new things that challenge and motivate me to get better with each class. Oh, and having friends that attend help and make the challenging I-want-give-up-and-throw-this-ball-at-you parts not that hard.

red ball of "fun"; 2 lbs get HEAVY realllllly quickly in class, friends.

This, my dear blog readers, is one of those challenges for me so I asked Lori, Pure Barre Westlake owner, to name the top three misconceptions of Barre for those skeptics -

1. "It's a "wimpy" work out and we just "dance around with light hand weights during class."
Although Pure Barre is low impact it is high intensity and one of the fastest ways to change your body and get in shape. It's certainly not for "wimps" ;-)
2. "Barre fitness is only for people who have ballet and dance experience and that we teach using ballet/ dance terms & language"
Barre fitness is inspired by ballet, but the strength and conditioning that is used to trained dancers. We do not use any dance terms and most people who come to Pure Barre have never taken dance or ballet classes.
3. You have to start taking barre class in great shape and that everyone who goes to barre studios are super skinny.
Pure Barre is for people of all shapes and sizes. We help transform bodies and help people reach their fitness goals, so most people come to class in need to get into shape.

Every time I go, I think "I've got this in the bag," and then I'm quickly reminded how ridiculously difficult some of the moves are with the tucking to the front, left and then right with your pelvis while you are on your tippy toes in a squat position with one arm in the air and the other trying not to grip the bar for dear life and not let your legs collapse beneath you all at the same time.

Damn the tuck I tell you!

While I manage to leave in one piece with my entire body still pulsating after busting out the last 4 minutes of working my J.Lo, I'm kindly reminded the next two mornings when I realize I have muscles all over in my back, butt and legs that are sore that I didn't even realize I had.

To keep my fitness routine fresh, I like to balance one class (or two if I'm really lucky) a week in between hot yoga, running and my new group personal fitness classes in preparation for the half marathon on May 19. It's crunch time, people!

Have you added barre class to your fitness routine yet?

Disclosure: I received a free week from a Facebook contest and have since purchased classes to continue my new found love of Barre, red balls and "little inch" leg raises.


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try this, as well as yoga & Psycle as well. I'm hoping to make time for these once I graduate next month :) I need a good workout routine!

Heather said...

It always hurts to walk down the stairs the day after class!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

I really enjoyed the classes I took at Pure Barre and agree that it's a great addition to a workout routine (I'm still not giving up my yoga). I would definitely encourage signing up for a few classes right away...I was hesitant to go back after my first class, but felt much more comfortable after class 2.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the unique workout suggestion! I looked up online, and there's a Pure Barre in Pittsburgh -- taking my first class tomorrow morning. :)

Katie O. said...

I can't believe it, but I haven't tried a Barre work out yet- evening classes will come to an end soon so hopefully this summer I'll make it in...but then it's always hard to go to a class when it's nice outside. I'll put it on the top of the list for rainy day workouts!

JAMinCLE said...

I've always wanted to try this, and I'm not gonna lie, I thought some of the things listed as "misconceptions" too. I like to say that my feet should wear glasses, because I'm always running into stuff and would not be consider the "graceful ballerina" type. Looks like I could give this workout a try and not feel too ridiculous after all! :)

Alana said...

love love love PB! i'm a tom boy who wouldn't be caught dead practicing ballet...and i'm at barre 2-3X a week :)

Anonymous said...

addict. right here. absolutely love the classes though. ive been going since their first class and just when i think its easy and i got it figured out, they switch it up on me!

Jo Jo said...

That "inch" gets all of us every time - great article!