My mom is a total boyband fan

What I thought would be a regular afternoon out to the Cleveland Film Festival on Saturday with my aunt and mom, turned into an unforgettable afternoon with the two of them.

I love when my mom comes down to visit me - it's so fun to see how excited she gets over the smallest details of walking down Euclid Ave or through the Arcade and makes me appreciate where I live even more than I already do. And, that we can create new memories while she shares what she remembers of downtown when she was a kid. Sometimes I think she manages to be more excited about my apartment's location than I am - if that's even possible!

Jules and my aunt with Freda Kelly, the Beatles' fan club secretary and star of Good Ol' Freda who never sold her story for a book deal. Ever. And talked candidly about her ride along Beatles mania for 10 years.

The 2nd annual Bay Village bonfire (hosted by the fabulous Alana and her fiance) turned into quite the dance party on Saturday night. There's nothing quite like trying to twerk it with your friends as you post Vine after Vine after Vine of your friends' dance moves on a well Pledged coffee table that's the size of a door.

Pudding shots fit for 200 people; the chunky monkey ones were strong. very strong.

Joe being all manly; dance party on the coffee table; Alana's welcome board

Just like last Sunday, I was hoping to bum around town and enjoy 60 degree weather on a plethora of undetermined patios buttttt the weather wasn't really calling for that. It wasn't too cold by any means but it also wasn't exactly patio-Sunday-Funday- weather just yet.

Sunday brunch at Deagan's - hot pink cactus flower mimosa, yes please!

A peek at my favorite beach in need of some TLC

Still confused how two ropes turned into three and 2 bunnies into 10 at West Park Station

Terminal Tower a-glow on a Sunday drive home


Alana said...

fun weekend!!! we need to hang out more this summer. on the beach and on boats.

Katelin said...

seriously looks like so much fun. those drinks look delicious and crazy at the same time. also i've never heard of pudding shots, that sounds like something i'd actually do, ha.

ClevelandPoet said...

i need more pudding shots in my life.

hot pink cactus flower mimosa?

same as my first statement!

Fizzgig said...

what a great weekend! looks like a total blast, I am so psyched for the nice weather, and more outdoor activities. Um...does that drink have slim jims in it?