the one where it feels like spring

Something amazing happened over the past two days here in Cleveland.

It looks like warmer temperatures are slooooowly creeping up on us, which made for my first outdoor Sunday Funday of 2013 where we played five games of cornhole, rocked flip flops and maybe even got a little sunburned from that thing-called-the-sun that I haven't felt on my face in months. I'm not exactly sure Sunday Fundaying qualifies as an American past time but it sure as hell does in my book.

Saturday brought two of my favorite things - films and birthdays - with the Cleveland Film Festival officially open for business and my dear friend Kelly turning the ripe age of 24.

Buy your tickets if you can!; First movie of the festival - Anita

Birthday cocktails for Kelly - our little 24 year old Italian

Up until Sunday, I had been following my training calendar pretty closely for the half marathon but I broke down.

Am I going to beat myself up about it? No, I will not but I will add more mileage this week to make up for it.

Because the sun made it feel like beach weather on my patio, I decided to ignore the 9 miles glaring at me from my training calendar and skipped the workout entirely to spend the day shopping, outside dominating cornhole while stopping randomly around Lakewood bars with friends.

If you ever in the Hudson area, make a stop at B. Lux Boutique at First & Main to pick up a few shirts and bracelets for this coming season. I have been looking for a sleeveless sheer white shirt and ta-dah - I found it for half the price I was going to pay on Piperlime at my friends' store.

New clothes in light colors for spring; customer appreciation with mini cupcakes

summer shandys; gargoyling; cornhole; breaktime
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be enjoying America's actual favorite past time - baseball - for the Cleveland Indians Home Opener today.


Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

This nice weather is such an instant mood boost! Running nine miles can definitely wait when there's finally some sunshiney fun to enjoy :).

Katelin said...

seriously love having wonderful spring weather. and hurray baseball!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

remember when you cat called me on W25th? that was fun.