A day in the country and city

Last weekend, my friends and I escaped Cleveland for what we thought would be warmer weather and a little bit of southern hospitality from our friend.

Southern hospitality? Check.

Warmer summer-like temperatures? False. Fail. Nada.

Not to be set back by the weather, my friends and I spent Friday out in the "country" in Cookeville at my friend's house set on five acres, where we spent the afternoon hiking along the Burgess Falls Trail before the storm rolled in at night.

Hiking the Burgess Falls for the afternoon

On Saturday, the storm stayed and wouldn't leave the greater Nashville area, but we still drove to the city to start our tour of downtown Nashville. Little known fact - everything seems to close VERY early, which is something none of us thought to check.

So, we were left with four hours to spare before dinner after we toured the Walk of Fame and the Parthenon. It was raining and chilly so we popped into a few bars to soak up all the honky tonk we could at Honky Tonk Central, B.B. King's bar and Paradise Park Trailer Resort.

Touring Nashville in the rain; Amber brings a koozie to every bar; selfie of the group

My favorite bar by far was Paradise Park - it was a trailer park within a bar. Picture astro turf with picnic tables to play beer pong and flip cup on plus a car/boat thing (I'm still not sure which it was) that you could "sit" in as well. And the band? Total honky tonk country songs that I have never ever heard, but that didn't stop me from dancing with a few locals.

Best bar ever, Paradise Island
The other awesomely amazing thing about Nashville is that everyone, I mean everyone, wears cowboy boots with anything and everything. Dresses, jeans, shorts and skirts. I almost, and I mean almost, want to buy a pair for the summer and fall.  But then again, maybe I'll just stick to my "futuristic" sneakers as they were pointed out to me instead.


Anonymous said...

nashville is on my bucket list of cities to visit. but i rocked my cowboy boots all summer and fully intend to this summer as well, actually was just browsing for a new pair the other day ;)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i live for these types of weekends.

Katelin said...

looks like the best kind of weekend.

Fizzgig said...

this sounds like a blast!! too bad the weather wasn't better, but good for you girls for not letting it stop you!!