I swear I need a nap after the past three days..

Even though I didn't wear shorts one single time this weekend or take off my jean jacket, summer has still officially kicked off in my book.

The weekend started off with a Kent State mini reunion that involved over an hour of catching up over wine in my apartment with two conversations always going at once and looking through senior year photos, including Spring Break and an album rightly titled, "Nights out with Roommates."

What did we learn while flipping through old photos?

1) We never wore our own clothes. Ever.

2) We were all so thin and couldn't believe we thought we had weight to lose at the time.

Erin, Katie and Taylor out and about on W. 25th

Because my days are literally running together, I remember I was supposed to work out (but didn't to take full advantage of my week off) and did end up at old school hip hop where it was not the normal it's-so-crowded-I-can't-breathe  like it normally is on the last Saturday of the month.

Sunday took me back to hometown to celebrate a high school graduation of one of my many younger cousins, where I ate way too many dishes "from my people" as my cousin said and sugary goodness from the candy table made by my vivacious great aunt.

Megan, class of '13 from Amherst and future Wooster grad, in matching j.jackets;

From the high school grad party, I moved over to an adult party with high school friends where I made my infamous "Skip and Go Naked" drink of champions, which is sure to kick any summer party up a notch. We concluded that this drink can have multiple names such as Electric Lemonade or Jungle Juice, but I prefer the name shared with me from a group of housewives a few summers ago.

The drink includes - 24 beers, a bottle of your favorite vodka and some kind of juice from concentrate - limeade, lemonade but I prefer pink lemonade with fresh limes for a little something extra. (Bud Light lime is the perfect substitute if you happened to forget said limes. Vine instructions here.)

Playing Cards Against Humanity before Skip and Go Naked was prepared

Party = that much more entertaining

I really need an extra day to catch up from this past weekend. If only there was such a thing!


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i appreciate your j. jacket.

Margaret said...

The super American Svedka bottle is perfect for Memorial Day!

Katelin said...

yep i'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. and also craving some sweets.

Alana said...

i say i need another day after every long weekend and vacation!!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

If you need a weekend to recover from your weekend, it's usually a pretty good sign :).