if only it were a litttttttle warmer....

A long weekend is almost here.

One that literally welcomes in summer. It's like the secret door that opens up and closes spring behind it so there's only sun, shorts, tank tops and sandals allowed.

For me, Memorial Day is always filled with cookouts, beach days and visiting family between those cookouts and even graduation parties for those younger cousins.

Cleveland weather gods - You just aren't looking down on us right now to bring that 80 degree weather we've been having all week, which is absolutely perfect for laying out and this hot sleeveless shirt I want to wear this weekend.

Sounds like a plan!

Instead of the beach weekend I wanted and my planned outfits (yes, of course I plan outfits ahead of time), it appears that I will have to improvise with my trusty friends instead. Lucky for them, I will be bringing Cards Against Humanity to the many cookouts I'll be attending this weekend. I promise - just go buy it already!

What are your Memorial Day plans?


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

looks like my jean jacket won't be retired this weekend after all. ha.

CLEshopaholic said...

WE HAVE NO AIR!! I selfishly need it to stay cool until its fixed!!

LWLH said...

PA is a tad chilly this weekend, I don't think I'll be busting the shorts out yet.

Sarah said...

Ha! We call it 'Summer Brew' and just had some two weekends ago! Ours is about the same except we add some Sprite. So delish!