Stripping down for cancer

Between last weekend's cancer benefit, celebrating my fabulous mother on Mother's Day and taking off for a quick work trip to South Beach, it was been quite the longest yet shortest week at the same time for me.

The packed two day conference allowed for six cherished hours out on the beach with an old coworker who happened to be there too. I also learned that Kelly wouldn't win any award at applying spray sunscreen because my back looks like my favorite vibrant red M.A.C. lipstick in Ruby Woo right now. (Ouch!)
The water and beach was absolutely stunning and I need to book a winter trip here.

Saturday night brought me back to my hometown (of sorts) to raise money for cancer at the 4th Annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction for the Lorain Cancer Crushers in honor of a friend's mom who passed away from the disease.

An auction is just a plain old auction until someone takes off their shirt and pants or brings in a more appropriate prop like a dog, specifically one named Tiny to help rake in the money in the name of kicking cancer's ass. (After many attempts, Brian sadly wouldn't pull the dog out of his shirt as a surprise like I wanted him to, but he did bring the little dog on stage.)

Brian with his dog, pulling in $700 for event; a shirtless bachelor and the party table

Miami Vice lookalikes


LWLH said...

Ahhh what I would give to be laying on a beach right now. :)

Fizzgig said...

what an awesome idea! to raise money for cancer!! looks like a blast.

ah, the beach...I couldn't be any more jealous right now.

Liza Krystal said...

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a ji o ji suno ji said...

Oh yeah you and Jeanette looks like sisters :D So glad you was happy about the event too, it was so fun. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, the road trip was so fun :)

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