boybands are always in fashion

This 30 year old woman has seen New Kids on the Block three times in the past five years. Unfortunately I never saw them as a kid but I doubt I would've had as much fun as I've had with friends over the past five years attending the concerts.

In 2008, my friends and I rushed to get tickets for our friend's birthday because when-the-hell-would-they-ever-come-back-on-tour kind of conversations happened over and over.

Well.. they did come back on tour with the Backstreet Boys in 2011 and again we pulled our friends together and sang our hearts out from our seats.

What happened earlier this year? A text conversation with Cleshopaholic and I quickly found myself (again) going to that concert that-may-never-happen-again-so-I-better-just-tickets. I was with Boyz II Men AND 98 degrees for crying out loud! I sure as hell couldn't miss this!

Let's be real here - I'm going to every concert these grown ass men release dates for because it's the best kind of party celebrating 90s music that exists out there. But mostly for NKOTB, unless of course 'Nsync reunites because I will be there. Front effing row!

You sing your heart out to your favorite songs and dance like all white girls do.

You look around as grown women flash (yes they do) their chests at Donnie.

Oh, and you may even be feet away from a major fight when Donnie threw his black tank into the crowd and when he made out with a girl, which likely made her entire year. Hell, her whole freaking life and a story she will be telling her grandchildren one day.

no caption necessary

And, if you are lucky enough, your friend scores floor seats so one of the boy banders, Donnie to be exact, brushes past you and stands a mere feet away on a box in the crowd singing "Tonight."

Donnie just a few feet away; yes he has a killer body and my favorite - Jordan - but Donnie is creeping up there to the #1 spot

Next up - you can find me on the yearly cruise.

(Ladies, I'm only half kidding. Who is in?!)


Jen said...

Such an awesome show! I mean, rose petals coming from the ceiling as Boyz II Men serenaded us with "I'll Make Love To You??" And I'm not sure, but I think I saw a unicorn fly out of Donnie's butt cleavage at one point. All I kept thinking was, "You're welcome, third grade self(NKOTB) fifth grade self(Boyz II Men)and ninth grade self(98*), you're welcome."

Katelin said...

i went to their show with BSB and it was just so good, i can't even imagine how amazing this one was. seriously, LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Fizzgig said...

ama-zing!! nothing beats seeing your pre-teen crush in your adult brings back all those feelings!! i'm just sad i wasn't at this concert!!

Jess @ Anchored in CLE said...

I would LOVE if N*Sync got back together!!!