five full days off

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
I am guilty of not using all my vacation days. I know, I know - I need to make sure I use it all! The Europeans are baffled right now if they were to read this and shake their heads at me.

I have the best of intentions of taking a day off and then something comes up with work and I can't step away. Or when my planned vacation can't be moved, something always tends to blow up. Always the case!

Next week, I'm taking a full week off to relax in my own way, which may or may not involved a packed week of activities  that lead through July 4.

I have planned a staycation in the greater Cleveland area if you will.

On my list of places to go and things to do:

  • a day trip to Put-in-Bay with a few girlfriends to lay out, drive around the island on a golf cart, vine a a few videos and have a few day drinks to celebrate life
  • a well overdue pedicure and lunch date with my lovely mother to celebrate her 56th birthday earlier this month
  • checking off visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art and walking through Lake View Cemetery where I got a peek at last summer at during the Feast
  • Hanging with my BFF and her adorable daughter, BKE, for the afternoon
  • Get myself to a yoga and barre classes
  • Beach, beach and more beach to celebrate the 4th of July 
  • Start one of the three books that have been staring me in the face

So very true!

 As I read over the list I listed out, I literally may have planned more than I can actually accomplish  but who doesn't love a challenge, right!?!

Here's to using all of your PTO!


Fizzgig said...

oh I agree, it's hard to take time off of work! it just means you are important and care about your job. not like you don't enjoy time off...sometimes people misunderstand! sounds like you have some stellar plans coming up!!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

Yes, definitely use all of your PTO! Work to live, don't live to work :). Enjoy.

Kate @ said...

I'm guilty of not using all my PTO, either, which is how I ended up with a free week at the end of June - & decided to go to London!